Community projects

Community projects are the 'meat' of the Qultura community because they provide the focus for everyone to come together, connect, socially interact and bring about effective change in their local community.

Community projects fall into one of three broad categories depending on their mission and objectives, and also whether they develop discipline more or empathy more. One such category is appeals and community support which we cover on a separate webpage (the next one down) as such projects involve resources and are developed differently to the other two categories of projects which we explain below.

These broad categories are not hard and fast categories but act as a rough guide so we can all develop a general concept and understanding about what is involved in such projects and how they should roughly appear. What is more important about our projects are whether or not they are enjoyable, meaningful, fulfilling and engaging to people in the community. This is far more important to us rather than fussing and fretting over what category a project fits into and how well a project conforms to requirements in a particular category.

Are you having fun?

This is the most important aspect of our community projects, which is to get out there, meet interesting people in your local community, get to know each other, have fun, have a laugh, and enjoy being part of a community and enjoy life. There's not much point in making the effort to go out somewhere and be involved in something if you're going to end up being miserable with a face like a smacked backside. You've probably got enough people in your life trying to make you miserable or harrassing you, so if you're going to be involved in the Qultura community you might as well have fun while you are involved in our community.

Creative projects

Creative projects focus on developing creativity and discipline and are generally developed by volunteers and sometimes by activists. These projects can be actual creative activities, tutorials and workshops centring around creative activities, talks and discussions about creativity and creative activities or actual performances, readings, and exhibitions of creative work organized by people in the local community.

Social and cultural projects

Social and cultural projects may be creative as well, or they may be tied in with an appeal or community support but the emphasis of our social and cultural projects are on bringing people together, connecting people, meeting people, developing empathy, making friends, getting to know each other and generally having fun, having a good time, and enjoying each other's company.

One example of a social or cultural project is a human library event but we also regard our online communities and social media groups as social projects. Our social media groups are definitely not designed or intended for people to share or spew out propaganda from media and alternative media sources - which is promoting ideology and a big no no in our community - the equivalent of letting out a loud stinky fart on crowded public transport. Our social media spaces are intended to be about members of our community, their lives, their reality, their feelings, and yes, photos of their cats, their dogs and their babies.

How to get involved in our projects

You can get involved in any Qultura project in a number of ways:

  • You can turn up to an event organized by the project.
  • You can sign up to a project through using a form.
  • You can respond to an email about a project.
  • You can make contact with the organizers of the project.
  • You can message us and tell you that you want to volunteer for that project.