As a community resource

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We are also developing as an important and necessary community resource to which anyone can turn to in a local community for any reason.

Stigmatizing other people for whatever reason isn't 'freedom of speech', it is anti-social behaviour and it needs to be called out far more often as such and dealt with. Social stigma and social exclusion not only wrecks lives, destroys people's self-confidence and self-esteem, both are also the leading causes of depression and suicide. Currently for every single successful suicide in the UK there are around thirty attempted suicides many of which are caused by people who are unable to get past various barriers in their lives - practical, financial, social, emotional and psychological.

What we mean by community resources

By community resources we can mean things we create online, our website, other people in the community - because if you live in a major city such as London or any other large city you are surrounded by literally thousands of people who know how to do something, know who to contact or who have gone through a similar experience or situation to the one which is dragging you down and keeping you stuck in life.

We also run a regular project in community space called community resources where you can come and meet people, try out new activities, or just come and have a chat and a long talk about whatever it is that is bothering you.

We feel that nowadays having a close and diverse community connection to different people is as essential and necessary to you as breathing and access to clean water.