The Qultura strategy for change

The Qultura strategy for change is based on Creative Law and the Triangular Relationship. Our current (existing) social and cultural attitudes are all based on fighting or resisting trauma. We talk about fighting diseases such as cancer, fighting for social justice, fighting for social change, developing resistance movements and the mainstream message is that you have to fight for your rights and stand up for yourself.

This is not an effective route to social change

Despite the fact that we are led to believe that there has been some advances made in various civil rights and social movements very little has changed in the three or so centuries of individualism being the basis of our society. We still have slavery. We still have rulership by powerful hierarchies. We still have brutality and warfare. The reason why all these methods are ineffective is because you cannot negate trauma with trauma. This is not how the world works. This is no different from trying to connect two magnets by using the same poles.

Our strategy is based on polar thinking

Polar thinking is based on the understanding that two opposites are both connected and interdependent on one another. You cannot connect two magnets using the same poles, but what if you use opposing poles? You will find that they connect immediately and powerfully.

If you understand that trauma involves force and always causes division, but drama is opposite to trauma, doesn't involve any force, and is always focussed on connection. What we advocate, encourage and support as a stock response to trauma - any traumatic situation in your life or in your community - is to go through a process of individuation and seek to connect to others. Move past the trauma, let it go, and do something different. Just keep moving, not conforming, not complying, not even engaging, and move past the trauma.

In doing this you're working with that what really matters, Creative Law and Universal law, the two core principles of both the cosmos and nature. In using empathy were helping to connect people into communities and in so doing, as our community grows and expands, we become more and more diverse which means that we're going become increasingly more complex, diverse and harder for any totalitarian regime or system to stop us.

Think about this. Have you ever tried to grab a handful of water?