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Community support (outreach)

We're working to develop community support outreach projects in the local community. These are community support projects which take place outside of community space, i.e. out in the local community. The exact same principles apply, i.e. to make the lives of people easier and to provide support and assistance in ways which lead to positive, satisfactory outcomes.

Food sharing

Approximately 30% of people living in social housing (e.g. council, housing association, etc) struggle to buy food and often do not have the means to access quality, nutritious food for themselves and their families. By the same token food wastage and the disposal of waste food is a major expense for both companies and the local authority and leaving out waste food causes problems with vermin. We are working to develop projects which involve food sharing to give those in need better access to food while working to reduce the costs and issues of food wastage.

Assessment chaperoning

Many people on benefits who have disabilities and health impairments which prevent them from working are subjected to assessments commissioned by the Department of Work and Pensions. These assessments are carried out by corporations such as ATOS who make the assessments and write the reports the DWP needs to make its decisions. In many cases the people being assessed lose benefits and in some cases the reports are either inaccurate or falsified. Also we are receiving reports that attempts to record assessments are leading to the assessments being cancelled. We are wortking to develop a chaperone system with volunteers accompanying those being assessed to their assessments as an independent witness. No recording is required nor as a chaperon are you expected to get involved in any way in the assessment process, but are there as a witness.

Homelessness and destitution outreach

We are also working to develop community support outreach for people who have become street homeless and/or destitute to provide them with a contact point and 'on the streets' support to start a resettlement process and get them back into secure accommodation where they can start to rebuild their lives.

How we work

We are currently seeking volunteers who can help us develop these projects. No previous experience is needed and we are flexible when it comes to the level of involvement, i.e. you can be available on the days and hours you choose.