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Community support

We are working to develop community support projects based on the categories below which will be based on a weekly meet and greet session (or surgery) in community space in Battersea. All our community support projects are based on sharing experiences, giving advice, and where possible connecting people to the appropriate organization and resources so they can resolve their issues. All such advice and assistance is given free of charge.

Housing and tenancy matters

This is for matters relating to housing and tenancy issues.

Benefits issues

This is for matters relating to benefits such as Jobseekers Allowance, Employment Support Allowance, Universal Credit and Disability Living Allowance and Personal Independence Payments.


This is for matters relating to debt and such things as rent arrears, Council Tax arrears, and issues with energy suppliers and utilities.


This is for matters relating to citizenship and immigration.

Addiction support

This is for addiction support and people who are struggling to overcome addictions.

How we work

The surgery or meet and greet session is for initial contact purposes only and designed to get you into our system. We work towards achieving the best possible outcome for you within your individual circumstances and reaching a satisfactory settlement or outcome. We are in contact with other organizations and also local councillors and MP and may decide (with your consent) to refer you further for more specialized support and help. Please note that we do not advocate avoidance of debt or benefit fraud.