The Qultura community

Being you - the principle and the process

Who are you? How do you live? What do you feel? These are the three most persistent questions we all face as individual human beings. Finding answers to these questions is what life is really all about. You and who you are, who you really are, this is the principle. How you live is the process.

The quality and nature of your life

It doesn't matter who you are the nature and quality of your life is determined not just by the choices you make but also by the other people in your life. You can have health issues, you can have financial issues, you can even have a disability or a physical deformity, but you will find that your biggest challenges in life all come from other people and your connections to other people. This is not just about your personal connections, your family, your parents, your friends, it's also to do with the other people in your life, the people you work for and work with, your neighbours, the people who work for the other organizations you deal with, and also public figures, the government, people in the media, and everyone else in society.

This is what makes empathy fundamental to the human experience

Empathy is by far the most important life skill you could ever learn in life. This is because empathy is the ability shared by everything which we deem to be living - not just humans but also animals, trees and even plants - to be able to connect and interact with their environments but also to other living beings. You are connected to your environment simply because you are part of that environment, just as you are connected to society because you are part of that society and your community. Therefore empathy is fundamental to your survival and the nature and quality of your life experience. At no point in your life are you ever disconnected from either the environment or society. Your survival is dependent on how you connect to other people and how you interact with other people.

What the Qultura community is all about

We are about positive change and evolution

First and foremost the Qultura community is all about possibility, opportunity, and creating positive changes on a personal, social and cultural level. Nobody is going to create positive change for your benefit and if you think that way you only think that way because you've been socially conditioned to do so and also been conditioned to be dependent on the system. In this day and age when you have a society driven largely by corporate profit, where organizations will profit mercilessly from your suffering, your hardship and struggles, this is an incredibly risky way to live. Neither culture nor politicians are your friends. Both work against you.

We are about changing human social relationships

First and foremost we're here to tell you the social and cultural values you've been conditioned to accept as socially acceptable and moral are nothing of the sort. Modern moral values are based purely on material and financial values, blind obedience to authority and social conformity to stereotypes. These are the social values of fascism. You might not think of yourself as a fascist, but you live in a fascist society. That is our social reality. If you base your social thinking on any sort of ideology or fixed, rigid belief system it's virtually impossible not to end up being a fascist. The Qultura community is a very egalitarian community. We reject fascism, we reject authoritarianism, we reject totalitarianism. We reject all forms of bigotry and if you cling to prejudices about other people we will find you and exclude you from our community. The domination of one human being or group of individuals by others is unacceptable.

We are about personal individuation and developing empathy

Empathy is developed through the development of individual human experience which makes the the Qultura community all about the primacy of individual human experience and the development of new culture - together with new social and cultural values - our priority and focus within the community. We reject ideology and belief systems, because it is not what you believe which is important within our community, but what you have experienced in life, your connection to other people, your connection to your local community and that what you seek to experience to go through your personal process of individuation.

We are about community - connections between self and other

This is where the power of choice is important. Empathy is something you are born with and is something you can always develop. You have the power to create change and also facilitate the change in others by supporting their efforts to seek change. This is just the same as choosing to remain indifferent and choosing apathy, which is the opposite of empathy. You have that choice and the power of that choice. Nobody can take that choice away from you, and the Qultura community exists to facilitate the choices you make. We have no ulterior motives or agenda. Why we ask you to do certain things is all explained below.

This is to get you to sign up to our central mailing list managed by the Qultura Core project, the nucleus of the Qultura community.

We have no interest in trying to sell you anything or get money out of you because participation in the Qultura community is completely free of charge. This is an empathy based community. No money changes hands at any point between members of the Qultura community.

We have also no interest in trying to tell you what to think and believe. We reject all existing ideology and belief systems simply because we reject individualism and authoritarianism. This is a global community of individual people each and every one going through their unique, individual process of individuation. What you think and believe is down to you. This is an empathy based community. Can you connect to other people and socially interact with them, even if they are different from you and have different beliefs? This is all you need to be a part of the Qultura community.

The Qultura community is also about diversity and human evolution. This is all about the principle and the process. This is a community where you can be you, where you can talk your talk, walk your walk, and live your truth openly and freely accepted by others in the community. We offer you an opportunity to be a part of something you will find nowhere else in society.

It's not enough to be signed up to a centralized mailing list managed by the Qultura Core community. You also need to be connected to the wider community and the only way you can do this is by becoming part of that community online. This requires you to sign up to a community message board and become part of an online social media group.

It's important here that we have never intended the Qultura community to be just one big collective of people all over the planet, but a vast network of many different Qultura communities. Culture is all about language and it's all about people, and because people are individual, culture changes and is unique and individual with each and every different community. This is why diversity is so very important.

But what is most important when you sign up to the Qultura community is that you find your own Qultura community. This means making use of technology and the internet to find other people out there who can connect to you, relate to you, and support you as you support them. Finding people to be your local community takes some effort, but when you develop the empathy and connections between people in your community, this is what is going to ultimately bring about the change in human social relationships which is so vitally necessary.

The Qultura community is set up to be a fully autonomous, independent community because this is a necessity so as to safeguard the human right of personal individuation and personal self-expression. We are a community first and foremost, a community resource second, and lastly a non profit organization working in the public interest on the basis of goodwill. We are not a registered charity but function as a sole trader organization which is our Core Facilitator Stella Baker backed up by a small body of trustees and volunteers. This is the administration element of the Qultura Core project. Nobody is employed by Qultura, nobody gets paid, and in reality the organization and administration, up to and including Stella Baker herself, functions as a volunteer collective.

This means that the 'organization' component of Qultura is made up of the collective of Qultura community members who have changed their roles to volunteer, activist or reverse participant and become partt of the Qultura Core project. It still remains a diverse volunteer collective all working together, each in their unique, highly individual ways, to develop empathy, human diversity, human creativity, and promote human evolution.

There is no agenda or organized belief system. The Qultura community is based on universal principles which are published and publicly accessible on this website. It's entirely down to you, the individual, how you choose to interpret the universal principles and philosophical concepts published on our website and transform them into concrete action and creative output. There is no need for any ideology because the Qultura community is about the our universal principles and your individual creative processes and the connections you make with individual people.

Who are you? What do you do? How do you feel?

These are the three single most important questions in your life. Your life is all about other people and everyone who comes into your life is going to want to see the answers to these three basic questions. This is penultimately what being part of the Qultura community is all about - the principles, the processes, and the answers to who, what and how. Nothing else matters in life.

First and foremost the Qultura community is all about things about you and other people which are all unique and individual - your perspective on life, your direct personal experience of life, what you think, what you know, how you feel, who you are. Developing empathy requires real time social interaction, real time participation in your local community, and the acquisition of direct personal experience from your involvement in your local community and participation in various projects based on your personal interests and direct personal experience.

There is no other way to develop empathy. You cannot develop empathy through technology, through social media, through the internet. You have to be out there in your local community and interacting with other people in your local community on a real time, face to face basis. This is how human beings evolve, this is how you develop personally, you have to be there, you have to be directly connected to other people, you have to be included, you have to be participating in what is going on.

Local community projects are the activities and events which are necessary for you to be able to relate to other people in your community. It's important to understand this is what participation in society is really all about.

Participation in society has got nothing to do with being a so called taxpayer, having a job, earning money and owning property. These are things which you do to participate in an economy, not a society. Likewise if you are not working but claiming benefits but not engaged in your local community you are participating in an economy, not in society. Participation in society involves doing something for other people, either through your own individual creativity, or through supporting the creativity or others, but always through the development of empathy and participation and involvement in your local community.

This is the whole reason why society is collapsing all around us. Hardly anybody these days is prepared to participate or get involved in their local community in a real time face to face manner. This is the only thing we are seeking to change.

You can be part of that change. You have the power of choice.