The Qultura community


Please feel free to listen to the song which perfectly encapsulates what being part of the Qultura community is exactly all about - you being you and you being accepted as you by everyone else.

This is why there's no ideology or belief systems involved. Ideology creates social conflict and divisions between people. This is all about you, your life, your perspective, universal principles and coming together as a species in communities to reclaim all that what is rightfully our's - our dignity, our individual experience and value' our humanity, our empathy, and our creativity.

If the authorities and bigots don't like it then it's a case of tough titty, isn't it?

What being part of the Qultura community is all about

Being part of the Qultura community is really all about change on different levels and also evolution. This change can be personal, social, environmental, cultural, economic change, change in the local community, creative change, but whatever change takes place has to be beneficial to individual people such as you, someone else, or a local community. This is what being part of the Qultura community is about - working always to some sort of change, social interaction, getting out into the community and participating in it, and through all these changes being more and more yourself and walking your own unique path through life.

This is something that's never happened before in the West because we've always been kept under tight control by various hierarchies and organizations and led to believe we don't know any better and we should know our place. Not everybody conforms of course which is where things in your life start getting difficult if you don't follow the rules. But seeing as nobody in authority is following any rules any more this is when you really need to start finding your community and living by your own rules and principles. Not our rules or principles. Not anybody else's rules or principles. Your rules and principles. You are going to need new rules and principles and this is why there's a Qultura community in development to help you figure them out.

For those with experience of social movements

If you've ever sought change in a social movement you will find the Qultura community a radically different experience. We're not here to exploit anyone for political power nor do we have any agenda other than human evolution and our own creativity. There are no boundaries between individuals and what serves as our organization, Qultura Core so no hierarchies, power dynamics or divisionism. You can just participate in our community, discussions, activities as yourself, or you can step into Qultura Core and help develop the community through volunteering and activism. You can also get support from the community through reversing your participation in the community. Do what you feel. Get heavily involved or if you feel the need step back or walk away. After all this is all about your life and your community. It's not about the creators of the community who have spent the last 10 years working to make things possible for everyone else. We just create the opportunities. It's up to you whether you want to take them or not.

Qultura's role in the local community

Qultura is the fallback option in the local community

Qultura is developing as a fallback option in the local community. A place where people can get a social or community experience away from a world and society which is becoming toxic, abusive, exploitative, ignorant, judgmental, bigoted and which has always been white supremacist, sexist, homophobic, transphobic, ableist, and divisive and it is this way to keep people on their knees and keep the money, assets and control flowing to the City. This is the stratified isolationist and individualistic society which focusses on the money and packaging of humans and not what lies deep inside.

But what's inside is what really matters

This is why our focus is on empathy, community and creativity. We're here to shift the focus of attention in society back onto the primacy of individual human experience, deeper social connections and bonds, and far stronger, more inclusive local communities.

Qultura completely rejects all social and cultural values based on Western individualism. We see no reason to accept or try to change a system which is divisive, delusional, abusive, exploitative, inhuman, judgmental, bigoted, and eugenicist. Western civilization is colonialist, parasitic, elitist, and combatative. It is responsible for genocide, slavery, bigotry, poverty, destitution and environmental destruction.

Where we stand is very clear - until Mankind is a complete species committed to its own evolution you cannot realistically talk of addressing environmental issues and you should not be talking about economic prosperity or being a wealthy or civilized nation. How can you talk of living in prosperity when the vast majority of people on this planet are living much closer to absolute poverty and destitution? Collectively human beings are not civilized. We are still very much primitive and will remain primitive while we continue to believe in Western individualism and domination culture.

This is an issue which we can only address as individuals and it is done by sharing our rejection of Western individualism, discarding completely the current social and cultural values which are based on individualism, and by coming together as individuals in a community to work together to create better and more civilized social and cultural values. Understand that in a new community structure based on new social and cultural values you need to be very clear about who you are and what you are about as an individual and this requires you to go through a process of individuation.

There's a widespread misconception that social and cultural change takes place through being part of a collective. All ideology is based on this lie and it doesn't matter whether it's a religious ideology and political ideology. Capitalism is based on the lie that those with the wealth are the creative ones in society and socialism is based on the lie that it is collectives of workers who can bring about change. It's important to remember this and to understand that while an ideology can give you a limited perspective on how the world works or society is organized, all ideology is exploitative of culture and promotes the false belief that organization into a collective can bring about social or cultural change.

Social and cultural change actually starts with an individual in a community and takes place through cultural development within that community. It's an idea, a meme or a concept expressed by an individual through social interaction to others which causes a shift in perspective among different people which makes it culture and it is only when this culture is shared between different communities does it begin to influence a society. The process of social and cultural change is completely dependent on the use and development of empathy because if you cannot connect to someone and share their perspective, you will not see or recognize the value or significance of their idea, concept or meme. This cuts both ways and nobody will recognize the value or importance of your ideas or thinking unless they can share your perspective.

Qultura is set up to be an alternative community of people who are keenly interested in social and cultural change who come together in community space as a local community organization to facilitate social and cultural change for different people in their local community in different ways:

  • by setting up creative projects for people to explore and develop their individual creativity and develop disciplines based on their individual interests and passions
  • by setting up social and cultural projects where people can come together to share interests, take part in activities, get to know one another, and develop empathy
  • by setting up community support projects and appeals for people who have become stuck in life, isolated, marginalized, or persecuted by some organization determined to wreck their life or force them into destitution. The Qultura community is set up to allow people to quickly mobilize into an organization and come together to protect a member of the community

There is no ideology or belief systems because we are there to create and develop opportunities for the process of individuation and the development of empathy.

Qultura's founding premise - as you can read in our footer - is that every individual born into society should have free access to opportunities to explore and develop their inner creativity and contribute to culture and their environment. This has got nothing to do with freedom or equality, but has everything to do with the reality of human evolution and the principles of either Creative Law, Universal Law (or Natural Law if you prefer) or both.

You are not born to be a follower or a leader, but to be a member of a species and part of an environment. You are here to walk your path, live your truth, go through the journey of your life, connected to other people and the environment, and to create a legacy through developing the sort of lifestyle that you are fully committed to and which, when you die, other people will remember you for. This is what human evolution is really all about.

However it is also true that we live in a world where some people believe that they have some right and entitlement to control other people and dominate over other people and decide not only how they should live, but also even whether they should be allowed to live or not. These are the authoritarians and you find such people throughout religion and politics.

In the face of authoritarianism and its subsequent collectivism or, if you prefer, fascism, to which Qultura is opposed, our strategy is non-confrontational, incognito, and subversive. We work against the perpetrators by siding with the victims. We employ stealth. We diversify. We multiply. We do not organize into a collective to oppose and fight the perpetrators because this is exactly what they want. We keep things small, secret, numerous and random. We are spontaneous. We are ambiguous.

As a community we focus only on developing our community and seeking out the victims, showing solidarity with the weak, the downtrodden, the marginalized, the excluded, the sick, the disabled, the destitute, and the stigmatized. We show solidarity with all these people and create the opportunities for such people to be active participants in our community because their perspectives and experiences are a very important and powerful resource when it comes to wearing down and overcoming the fascists who threaten our communities, society and evolution.