Welcome to the section about the Qultura community

The Qultura community is designed to be a social environment where anyone interested in Qultura can become involved and participate in with other members of the community to develop a Qultura method. It is freely accessible, which means that it's open to anyone in a wider local community, costs you nothing whatsoever to participate in, and is open-minded, non-judgmental, and accepting of all.

This is a mystical community resource

The first thing you need to keep in mind that this is a mystical community resource. Therefore it's esoteric, subversive, and functions completely on the basis of mystical principles. To clarify what these terms mean:

Esoteric means occult, hidden, obscured, or if you prefer, secret. The Qultura community is defined as an empathy-focussed community. Trust is of paramount importance. Certain things are not spoken about. We never discuss or talk about the unspeakable, i.e. Qultura methodology, and we refer to mystical principles as numbers. For example to refer to the mystical principle of power, you use an eight, or a polarity, a two. We also do not judge each other. What is communicated between members of the community stays between members of the community. We never promote or advertise Qultura in any way. You can be invited into the community, and you can also invite someone else into the community.

The Qultura community is a subversive community. Subversion is all about the outward creative self-expression of individual truth. How you express your individual truth is generally through a story or narrative, but we encourage you to explore and experiment with different ways of expressing yourself either through different social interaction strategies, different forms of self-expression, such as art, music, creative writing, poetry, story-telling, writing blog posts, photography, and so on. We are also open to street art, happenings, graffiti, and so on.

Qultura and Qultura Core

Qultura refers to the Qultura community as a whole. This is the bog standard, vanilla comnmunity of anyone and everyone who are interested in Qultura as a methodology, a community, a way of life or whatever else. Qultura Core is the 'core' of the community or the central nucleus or hub through which one develops a discipline or a path through a 'mitzvah' (or Islamic 'fard') with the wider community. You can find out more about Qultura Core on the somewhat different Qultura Core website (see link in footer).