Qultura Connect

Qultura Connect is about how we connect to one another, what roles we assume, what we do, and how we work with each other to develop empathy and community.


Qultura Connect is about the networks and online spaces we use to connect to one another as a community, the roles we assume and the activities we do through those roles.

How the Qultura community is structured.

The Qultura community is structured around a central nucleus and network, which is Qultura Core. The central online meeting point for everyone in the Qultura community is the Message Board. Think of our Message Board as an online community centre. This is where you can connect to people, get to know them, let them get to know you, and share experiences, interests and ideas.

It's extremely important when you join the Qultura community that you join the Qultura Core network and also register for an account on our Message Board.

The Message Board is the central online meeting point for everyone in the Qultura community. You register for an account to connect to other people in the community, get to know one another, take part in discussions, share ideas, experiences, interests, and this is where we develop the community and make things happen.

As this is an empathy based community any involvement in developing the community based on trust, individuality, empathy and a sense of community. You don't 'apply' for any of these roles but you simply figure out what you want to do with other people in the community based on your interests, aptitude, intelligence and abilities and you assume a role simply by filling out a simple form and letting us know.

Social media

We also maintain online communities and groups on MeWe, Instagram and also on Whatsapp.

What is Qultura Connect about?

Thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic and lockdown change is now inevitable. Then you also have the changes which are going to be implemented as a result of Brexit. This means that change is inevitable and many people are - if they're not already - finding themselves in a completely new set of circumstances and life situation. You might be one of these people. This gives us all a choice. We can either take these circumstances and situations we find ourselves in and create a problem out of them or we can create possibilities. This is fundamentally the basic choice we all face right now.

The Qultura webpages gives you an overview of the method of developing the community through individual community projects. This webpage is about the community roles you can assume to get involved in the projects and participate in the development of the community.

Community roles

In addition to just participating in the Qultura community, being part of the Qultura Core network (which you become part of when you join the community) gives you three additional community roles - details given below. There's no need to 'apply' for any of these roles because the Qultura community isn't just a community, but also a volunteer network which you join automatically when you join. We're not you, we don't live your life, we have no idea what your aptitudes, intelligence or interests are. These are things which you need to figure out for yourself.

How to get connected

Once you've joined the community you need to register for an account on the Message Board to connect to other people, get to know them and find out what's going on. This is also where you can find out about any community projects you might be interested in. You might want to check out the stable community projects on the Qultura community webpage.

When you've found something that interests you you figure out what role you want to assume based on your interests, aptitude, intelligence and what you want to get involved in and then you fill out a form to let us know what you're doing.


The volunteer role

The volunteer role is connected primarily with the development of projects and administration.

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The activist role

The activist role is connected primarily with people outside the Qultura community.

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The reverse participant role

The reverse participant role is for those who are recovering from trauma.

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