Conscious living



Conscious living has become a popular term in recent years, but what is it? What does 'conscious living' mean? Conscious living is living in a way where you increase your perception of consciousness through developing your awareness of the interconnectedness of your existence - understanding the connections and relationships between Self and other. While some people confuse conscious living with self-improvement or positive thinking strategies (such as the 'law of attraction') conscious living is really all about being aware of reality, being mindful and developing ways of thinking consciously. Developing conscious thinking gives you personal power, including power of self-control, powers of understanding and insight, and also it helps you to acquire wisdom.

Why conscious living isn't self-improvement or positive thinking

For self-improvement you have to make a comparison between who you are or how you think and behave and either some ideal or yardstick. This isn't really conscious living which is based on acceptance and understanding. Likewise positive thinking is training your mind to think a certain way which is very similar to adopting a belief system. There is a difference between a belief and reality, or the truth, just as there is a clear difference between a belief and experience.This will become clearer as you read further.


Mirroring is about developing a smooth harmonious relationship with the totality or the universe by learning to work with the energy which surrounds you in the environment. All existence is cyclical and has a kind of wave pattern or flow and the premise of mirroring is to develop a way of living in complete harmony with the flows of energy around you. part of this is understanding that there is no separation between you as an individual and everything else or 'other'. There are three aspects to mirroring which are to do with connections, reciprocity and power.

Becoming aware of connections between you and 'other'

Just like everything else in the universe we are made up of energy, space and consciousness which comes together in space. You are, like everyone else a human individual experiencing life through a mind, brain and senses which allows you to experience the reality of the universe from a unique and individual perspective. This is of course supported by a body and like everyone and everything else you are a part of the universe and connect and interdependent on everything in existence.

Relativity and reciprocity

It's important to understand the nature of interdependency and the fact that you cannot exist without being in a relationship to everything else in existence. In order to live you need constant interaction with everything in your environment otherwise you cannot function. You need air, you need water, you need food, you need heat and the ability to regulate the temperature, you need shelter from the elements, aso rather than being a hard border between you and the outside world your skin, like your mind, is an interface between you and everything else.

The exact same is true when it comes to society and other people. Pretty much everything to do with the way you perceive yourself as an individual comes from other people. You use the same words and language as other people use, think the same thoughts, have the same experiences, share the same beliefs, you wear the same clothes, the only thing which is unique and individual about you is your perspective on life and how you see society, the world and the universe.

Understanding the principle of power

Power is something which is usually shared between two or more points in a relationship, usually between a totality and an individual. There is no point in seeking power or to control others because you already have access to the power of the universe and energy all around you if you only learn to understand how it works and how to use it. This is generally achieved by letting go, going with the flow, and learning to trust others and your environment. This of course doesn't mean letting yourself go in a physical sense or giving up on anything, but is much more to do with not being too bothered by what people often regard as serious issues or getting involved in power struggles.