And what?


Did you really think you could learn something about consciousness here?

Consciousness is everywhere. Existence is based on consciousness. You are conscious aren't you? You're wide awake, aren't you? There you go. :)

But this is where the problems lie, because so few people are either developing or using consciousness and you can tell that nobody's using enough consciousness or developing it because if they were, there'd be a whole lot more empathy around to show for it. There is no empathy because all you've got is apathy - you've got people being non-committal, people being unreliable, people being hostile or aggressive, people being quick to judge, people who get really defensive really quickly, making assumptions, people who jump down your throat, give you death stares, or they take up both seats on the bus, they're glued to their phones and they got their Rottweiler Face on.

You're never going to learn about consciousness from the internet or online. The only realistic place you can ever learn about consciousness is through being involved and committed to a community where you're meeting lots of different people, going through different experiences, making lots of different friends, having lots of fun, and shifting all that consciousness through the various nooks and crannies of your mind to develop and build on your perspective.

You know where to look for our community just as you probably also know really well in our society how to be a puppet. The choice is your's. It's your life after all.