Zero point is where energy emerges from consciousness


Consciousness exists at the point of zero point energy and this is what lies at the far end of drama in Stella Baker's Energy Spectrum. It's at this point where energy emerges out of consciousness. This is opposite to black holes and radiation. Exactly what consciousness is and how it relates to energy is an issue which still confounds science but there have been researchers such as Anthony Peake who have made some groundbreaking discoveries when it comes to consciousness. Consciousness is however what produces or expands energy.

Perception of consciousness

Perception of consciousness is something which is common to all life forms and individuals capable of living existence. The development of perception, which many people believe to be the development of consciousness, is the fundamental principle of evolution. This perception of consciousness is dependent of course on species, interaction with other individuals, relationshiop to environment, and culture and cultural awareness.


In humans there are two forms of perception of consciousness. There is field perception which includes sensory perception and extrasensory perception which is influenced by the right cerebral hemisphere of the brain. Then you have conscious attention and conscious thinking which is influenced mainly by the left cerebral hemisphere of the brain. There is a massive difference between the two when it comes to developing perception of consciousness which is illustrated above. The small spotlight on the left illustrates conscious attention while the floodlight on the right illustrates field perception.

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