The Qultura Consensus

We need to stop living the lie

It's important to understand here that we have all been socially conditioned to live the lie of individualism in the current system of social and cultural beliefs. It's also important to understand and accept that we have all bought into, made use of and benefitted from those lies. The Qultura Consensus is an implicit agreement made between people who are involved with the Qultura community to work together with others involved in the development of our community for the benefit of themselves, others and humanity as a whole without any imposition of social or cultural values on another person involved in the community.

Why the need for this Consensus?

There are three reasons for the Qultura Consensus..

You need a new set of social and cultural values
If you or we try to seek social and cultural change in the wider community or society we will be imposing our beliefs on others, turning our mission into an ideology, which kind of defeats the whole purpose. This is not what we're looking for and what we are trying to avoid.
We leave it up to you how you develop your perspective
We are not you, we don't share your reality, live your life and we have zero interest in telling you what to think and believe. Furthermore you know yourself and your community far better than we do.
Development of the Qultura community
We're working to develop the Qultura community as an alternative community within an existing local community. The local community is the best environment or any sort of change and if you are prepared to step out of your existing local community and participate in an alternative community change is going to come much easier and far quicker. It's much easier to develop empathy in a community where everybody is working towards a similar objective in their own individual way.

The six core commitments

There are six key areas where you can develop and focus on to develop empathy. Please understand that these commitments are not about either personal self-improvement or so called positive thinking. Life is a continuous experience, a journey, an event, an adventure. Life is not a goal to be reached, a standard to be achieved, or an issue to be resolved. If anyone tells you that you don't measure up to their standard, for whatever reason, we suggest that you tell these people to go boil their heads (figuratively of course).

Only you can figure out what commitments are important to you and relevant to your life and individual set of circumstances because this is all about you walking your unique and individual path through your life. Consciousness is reality, the basis of existence, and whenever someone tells you to 'seek the truth' this is essentially the exact same thing someone telling you to as walk your own unique, individual path through life. We cannot tell you how you should live your life, and neither should anyone else, you have to figure it out for yourself. Below are the six core commitments.

  1. Personal sovereignty
  2. Interaction
  3. Self-expression
  4. Perception
  5. Legacy
  6. Commitment