The Qultura Consensus


What is the Qultura Consensus?

The Qultura Consensus is a set of common universal principles which everyone in the Qultura community accepts and agrees to abide by as part of being part of the community. This is comprised of the following:

  • Qultura's mission and objectives
  • our definition of human rights
  • theory and concepts
  • six commitments

The purpose of the Consensus

Qultura is developed to function as an organization within a community on the basis of both universal law and common law. This means there are no rules to follow, no global policies, no procedures, because having such things as rules and policies which apply to everyone goes against our mission and objectives.

We do this for a number of reasons which are explained below.

Nobody is better at being you than you. Nobody knows you or understands you better than you know yourself. There's nobody else like you anywhere in the world. Never has been, never will be ever again. You can only ever be one person - yourself. This is the fundamental basis of equality, because everyone can only be one 'self'.

Identity is difference, difference is identity

One of the most important resources we have at our disposal is individual human experience and our individual concept of self. This is a valuable resource which is wasted because very few people ever get anywhere close to sufficient opportunity to develop and realize their full potential. From your earliest childhood experiences you have been conditioned to submit to authority and conform to the expectations and belief system of others just to fit in with the artificial construct of society.

The Qultura community is based on far more egalitarian values than wider society. There is no hierarchy. There is trust. The Qultura Consensus exists so that you can be yourself, you can explore, experiment, learn, develop, and discover. You can find out who you really are, you can be your authentic self. You can find ways of overcoming the mental and social conditioning you have been put through. This is why roles are important within the Qultura community. Who you are today may be different from who you were a month ago or even 10 years ago. But throughout you are the same person - you are the same self.

You are connected to the environment and your community and society. You cannot breathe without water, live without water, and you cannot walk without having a floor or the ground to place your feet on. Therefore the environment is a part of who you are. You are a product of your environment, your community, your society. These three things make up part of who you are.

The importance of cultural awareness

You know the culture of your local community much better than anyone else at Qultura does. You know what is acceptable in your local community and what is needed much better than Qultura does. You also know what resources can be found, what resources are available and also have a better idea of what needs to change to make your community a better place to be.

The link between Qultura and your community is you

Another reason for the Qultura Consensus is that Qultura doesn't own culture nor does it get to determine what is culture in a local community. Only you can do that, because you are a member of your local community. When you can understand this perhaps you can see the opportunities which can exist just from understanding that through your involvement in the Qultura community you can be best placed to create change in your local community.


Above you can see an image of a hologram. There's a fundamental difference between a picture and a hologram. When you break up a picture into different pieces (think of a jigsaw) you have different pieces of an complete picture. Each piece is just a small part of a picture. But when you break up a hologram each piece or fragment is just a smaller version of the complete image.

Qultura is set up to be a community of different people working to develop individual projects. On a collective level as a complete entity Qultura has a mission, objectives and a set of universal principles. So too does the Qultura Core project which is the organization within the Qultura community.

Likewise each individual Qultura project can have its own separate and unique mission, objectives and principles, which can differ and diversify from the main mission and objectives. But even though each individual project has its own mission, objectives and purpose, it is still part of the whole, just like a hologram.

This is the purpose of the Qultura Consensus. It replaces rules, policies and procedures completely.

Culture always works against you, the individual

This is the reason why cultural development is a fundamental part of our mission and work. Culture is what has put you through all those years of mental and social conditioning. Culture is what has caused you to have to jump through various hoops to get to where you are now in life. Culture is what places you on the financial treadmill where you have to work, think about work, find money and get the bills paid. Culture is what has given us a largely ineffective political system, it has created globalization, austerity, authoritarianism and cultural decline is what is driving us towards a global, right wing, fascist totalitarian regime.

Why we reject ideology and belief systems

Authoritarianism is in direct opposition to our mission and objectives. people become authoritarian when they are unable or unwilling to be creative, authentic or cooperative. You cannot fight authoritarianism through collectivism, no matter how many people wear yellow vests. You cannot fight authoritarianism full stop. But you can wear down authoritarianism through rejecting the current system and developing numerous diverse, smaller localized groups, each individual, yet each connected to a common, broad objective.

Using the current situation to your advantage

It's important to understand that Qultura is not opposed to any organization or to anyone. We are not here to fight anyone or any organization, or the Government, because there is no need. It is the failure of the current system which is creating the chaos and opportunities to be creative, to connect to and meet other people and to actually live and experience something unique and memorable. Qultura is all about exploiting the failure of the current system to create new opportunities for yourself and other people.. and creating memorable experiences along the way.

This is because instead of waiting for someone else to bring about the change, we are being the change ourselves and getting a piece of the action.


These are commitments you make to yourself, not us. Qultura is all about change, individuality and creativity and part of this is all about personal integrity and authenticity, keeping it real and making it happen. The Qultura community functions on egalitarian values, mutual trust, mutual support, reciprocity and good relations. But this doesn't mean that we're going to hold your hand and wipe your bottom for you. If you do become part of the Qultura community it's down to you to show us who you are and what you're really all about.

Progressive being

Progressive being is about maintaining an optimum level of health, physical, mental, spiritual etc relative to who you are, your ability and circumstances. You are your most valuable asset and highest authority and you need to look after yourself, trust yourself and believe in yourself. This means not neglecting your self-interests, blindly submitting to authority or allowing yourself to be exploited.

Progressive interaction

Progressive interaction is about developing and focussing on connections and understanding that everyone and everything is connected. This involves seeking out connections and exploring those connections, taking in different positions in a relationship and different perspectives. The fundamental principle in life is to look outside yourself in your environment and other people when you want to understand and get to know yourself on a deeper level, and to look deep within yourself to understand and get to know others and what is going on around you.

Progressive self-expression

Progressive self-expression expands on progressive being. This is about trusting and believing in your individuality and your purpose for existence and understanding that you are part of the totality of existence, the universe, the planet, society, everything. This is understanding that there's nobody else like you anywhere in the world, nobody has your life experience, your history, your personal story or your unique and individual perspective on life. This is understanding that the way you live and have lived in the past is how you were meant to live, that walking your own path and listening to your inner voice is important not just for you but for everything. Positive self-expression is about understanding your Self-hood and understanding that it's not just your persona or ego but is the collective and totality of everything that is you, your emotions, your feelings, your health, your thinking, your experience, and your perspective.

Progressive perception

This is understanding that other people are just as individual as you, just as complex, and therefore equal to you. This is also understanding that someone's inner nature is a combination of many things just like you and cannot be measured just by physical, material things such as their appearance, social position, background, or how they present themselves. Additionally this is all about changing and discarding beliefs which are no longer valid or true.

Progressive commitment

This relates to a commitment to your choices, decisions and actions, and following through on them, irrespective of how difficult they are, irrespective of how much opposition you face from others, irrespective of how isolated you become, until such time as you achieve what you set out to do or admit that you have failed, made a mistake or made the wrong choice.

Progressive development

This is a commitment to your own journey through life and the development of whatever it takes to work towards and achieve your life objective to create a legacy. This also relates to understanding that your personal self-development ionvolves and is dependent on the development of your environment and the participation and development of your community and the relationships you form with others. Another word for this is evolution.