Personal sovereignty

The first area concerns personal sovereignty and autonomy.

This is a commitment to achieving a sense of selfhood and sovereignty where you regard yourself as your own highest authority.

As much as you can relative to your ability and circumstances you seek to maintain an optimum level of wellbeing on an emotional, psychological, spiritual and physical level. This involves maintaining cohesion between body, senses, brain and mind.

You keep an open mind, understanding that what you've been conditioned to believe is your mind isn't really your mind but your perspective. You understand that your mind is space, it forms part of the space around you and is shared by other people and contains the thoughts, feelings, beliefs, emotions and language of everyone around you. This is essentially what culture is all about.

You seek to maintain a narrow perspective based on your current reality.

This is about making a solid commitment to personal authenticity. This means that you just don't talk the talk but you also walk the walk and live your truth.

This also means that what you do, how you live and what you believe are all the exact same thing.

You make a commitment to a legacy.

This is not just about making a will or leaving behind a few quid or a house for your kids. Think about this. Think about your life. Think about all the things people have done to make your life easier. We're not just referring to your parents, family, friends, and the people you know personally. We're also referring to the people who won you your civil rights, who designed your smartphone, who invented your washing machine, the people who ended public hangings and public whippings.

You are an important part of human evolution and we suggest creating a legacy that you can commitment not just to shift the emphasis onto your individual experience and creativity but also something you leave behind for your community. Most people don't do this because they've been dis-empowered through individualism and our toxic culture. We encourage you to create a legacy because if there is going to be a community and a revolution in human social and cultural attitudes then we need to restart the process of human evolution.

This is about a commitment to getting past trauma and traumatic experiences and transforming them into disciplines and creative output.

This is because we've been conditioned to resist and fight trauma and traumatic experiences, such as illness, sickness, poverty, pain and other unpleasant experiences. Or avoid them. This usually comes from early childhood experiences when we were taught that playing with poo and being sick was nasty and unpleasant and we grow up learning that anything nasty or bad has to be avoided. While we suggest that you leave poo flinging to monkeys we suggest embracing traumatic experiences and trying to work through them as quickly as possible.

This means not dealing with trauma and health issues superficially. If you're working but sick or forcing yourself to work instead of focussing on a health issue you need a new set of circumstances. It means not smacking someone in the face because you have a personality disorder.

You work through your issues and trauma, you are proactive about seeking support from others and you work to transform your trauma into insight, wisdom, a narrative, or to promote a wider understanding or acceptance in others.


These are all suggested commitments involving interaction.

You commit to developing polar thinking strategies.

This means that you understand and accept that everything is connected to everything else and also everything is interdependent on everything else. This means that two opposites are never mutually exclusive but mutually necessary to each other and mutually dependent on one another.

This means that self and other are connected and dependent on each other. You cannot have self without other. You cannot have a foreground in a picture without a background, an inside without an outside.

This means that you also accept that you cannot have a buyer without a seller, This also means that you cannot be told a lie without accepting the lie.

In understanding that the mind is essentially space and something which is shared, and that perspective for each person is unique and individual you make a commitment to developing empathy

This means you commit to trying to see any relationship from all its individual perspectives or points.

You make an honest and genuine commitment to be yourself in all social contexts and in all interaction with others. This is part of your personal authenticity, living your truth, and refusing to conform and aspire to, or live up to arbitrary standards of what being a Good Model Citizen is meant to be.

This means that other people either get you, or they don't. They either accept you or they don't. If they don't you don't lose sleep over it. You never betray yourself by seeking to abase yourself or demean yourself to please anyone else. You never put yourself into a situation where you can be used or exploited for someone else's approval or personal profit.

This means that you never betray yourself by mindlessly following ideology. You refuse to mindlessly follow rules. You do not mindlessly create authority by following others or demanding proof for something. You take everyone and everything at face value and draw your own conclusions.

This means that you make a commitment never ever to seek to dominate or control another human being, hold them captive, exploit them or diminish them just to please you. You never ever cause someone to feel uncomfortable just to please you. You just steadfastly refuse to do this and remove yourself from any situation where you are required to do this by something or someone else. You just don't go there. You walk. You quit.

This also means that you steadfastly refuse wherever possible to be an agent or advocate of today's domination culture. You never ever betray yourself by pursuing someone else's agenda without getting some direct and immediate benefit from it. You never, ever allow yourself to be the agent of oppression between an organization or authority and another human being or group of human beings. You don't go there, you don't follow orders and if push comes to shove you betray the organization to the benefit of yourself and humanity. You always side with the oppressed, never the oppressors.

You do not mindlessly or excessively consume, either materially, in terms of culture, or in terms of receiving attention from others.

You commit to developing discipline in your life. By discipline we mean that you commit to pursuing, wherever possible, opportunities for happiness, pleasure, satisfaction and fulfillment both for yourself and other people.

You make a commitment to developing your individual creativity through various disciplines - art, music, writing, poetry, acting, dancing, photography, sculpture, cooking, painting, gardening, etc for the benefit of yourself and others.

You shift the focus of your life from consumption, following, watching and seeking attention to developing real time social relationships, social interaction, developing empathy, community participation and developing your unique and individual perspective through seeking out and developing your individual life experience.


These are all suggested commitments when it comes to self-expression.

We're living in what can be described of the Era of Misery. This culture of hyper-individualism has led to many people taking themselves far too seriously and being attached to their own self-importance. This is due to the competitive nature of our social and cultural attitudes. Everything has become ideological, serious, and there's no real opportunities for real life social interaction which doesn't involve spending money and excessive consumption.

This is why many people spend their days harrumphing and pawing the ground like a herd of bison and by the time they go to bed many probably end up looking like dead parrots.

We are of the belief that, as our social and cultural attitudes are all based on the lie of individualism, if you are of sound mind none of this can be taken seriously.

This is where, if you are part of the community, we suggest you make a genuine commitment to lightening things up, developing humour, and where necessary playing the role of the joker or jester. Use humour, make people laugh, and use humour, parody and jokes to ridicule people in positions of power and authority when they get too full of themselves.

Being six years old was a special time in your life because, in your personal development it was the period when your individual and unique perspective was most likely properly balanced between actual reality - what we are trying to promote - and cultural reality - what we have all been conditioned to accept as the truth and reality.

More importantly, this is also probably the time when you were still living in the present moment and not conditioned to live in the past or the future. This was the age when you were trying to figure things out in your environment, in your family, and your world, which is why we are suggesting you do the exact same thing again by joining our community and connecting to others.

This means you don't take our current social and cultural beliefs seriously, but instead you treat it all as some sort of a game we all play. This Consensus is an attempt to inspire you and others to make up better rules through a process of exploration, experimentation and learning through participation in our community. This is the whole point of the concept of different roles and projects in the community. None of this is serious at the end of the day. It's all designed to create opportunities for you and others to create your own changes and dynamics in your cultural beliefs and social relationships.

This is where we feel that going through the process of being a six year old once again, with your current perception and perspective, could turn out to be a valuable commitment.

You make a commitment to having fun with other people, taking risks and giving people chances. We are living in a culture where people are too attached to their own self-importance, taking things far too seriously. People have become far too political, far too ideological, far too committed to point scoring, arguing, ideological squabbling, maintaining and perpetuating social divisions, and spending too much time thinking about, discussing and arguing about the perspectives of a lot of people in power who quite frankly, don't give a shit about them or their lives.

The only way we're going to draw people into this community is by having lots of fun ourselves, creating lots of pleasant activities and opportunities for people to get involved, have fun themselves and commit to developing empathy. Developing empathy is hard work and it's extremely important to emphasize and prioritize the benefits of social interaction, meaningful community interaction, and just having fun.

This is about making a commitment to subversive creativity and being subversive creatively. Being subversive means sharing your truth with others creatively through different art forms and different types of creative output and artistic content. What we are looking for people to do is to create and churn out large amounts of subversive art.

Tell the truth from your own unique and individual experience and express yourself creatively - write, draw, paint, photograph, sing, make music, write poetry, put narratives into writing through stories, essays, books, scripts, plays, independent films, and so on and get it out there.

This is an important step to developing empathy and the need for empathy in people outside the Qultura community. It also is beneficial to developing connections, social bonds, and developing disciplines.

Culture is a fundamental aspect of language because it is cultural awareness which determines how you use language and therefore it is culture which determines to a very large extent how language gets used.

Count the years from say 1625 onwards - this is how long Western culture has been based on the lie of individualism, how long people have been subjected to dis-empowerment and later to artificial scarcity implemented by followers of Adam Smith and the birth of economics around the same time as the formation of the United States in 1776. This has led to the deprivation of opportunities, to the genocides, and various hierarchies have spent centuries manipulating our culture, our language and therefore our beliefs to exercise authority both with our consent and without it.

This means that anyone who thinks that they can change our society or the ideology of a ruling hierarchy by protests, demonstrations, screaming and shouting in the street and waving placards isn't going to get anywhere. Not in today's culture. Not in today's society. The odds are stacked too heavily against them.

The only way anyone is ever going to achieve change is by creating their own culture and sharing it with others through creative self expression and subversion. We believe that the development and use of empathy between people in a rapidly developing global community and network together with the creation and generation of lots and lots of subversive art has the potential to create a platform for change among people - not those in power.

This is because words (and images) are powerful. Very powerful. Language forms the basis of not just our beliefs, but also of magic. Magic is used far more often than you think, and this includes when it is being used against you. Think about the most commonly form used magical prop - the banknote or coin - look at a banknote or coin and you will see language and imagery - and think about all the times you have used money as part of a ritual. Think of the power a single word can have when it is spoken to another person. Now think of the power words have over you, whether you are the one saying the words, or when the words are spoken by someone else.

Now what are the words you use which you should never say to yourself? What are the words you should never use? What are the words you should never even have in your mind? Think about this. Think about the words you use, and the toxic parts of your vocabulary, and how the toxic part of your language affects the energy around you, fills your mind, shapes your brain. How do these words affect the energy between you and someone else? Think about the effects of that toxic vocabulary put into words and sentences and shared or used against people, and how it serves to create divisions, hostility, shuts down discussions and discourse. How is the political discourse the politicians and media are feeding you affecting you in your community? How effective is that political discourse in getting you and others where you need to go in life?

You need to consider committing to cleansing the language you use and figuring out strategies for when toxic language is used against you. Much of this comes down to erasing three words from your vocabulary - blame, deserve and entitled. This is a big step in rejecting the false belief in individualism.