These are commitments which are related to perception.

This involves making a commitment to seeking the truth.

Now we're not referring to seeking the truth from others, which many people believe is the truth but it isn't - it's a hypnotic suggestion (please refer to the start page in our 'Resources' section to understand how this works). If you're seeking out and accepting truth from others you're not accepting truth, you're creating authority.

When you're creating authority you're buying into the various agendas, con tricks, shell games and other ruses to keep you in your place and on your knees. You're not only betraying yourself you're also being a mug and those who are selling you 'the truth' will take advantage of the fact - sign this petition, attend our demo, join our rally, please chip in a fiver, buy my book, attend this conference, hear me talk on stage, please donate..

Nobody can lead you out of the darkness of your ignorance into the shining light of truth. Thinking that they can is just plain nuts. You have to be your own shining light in this world. Nobody else can be your shining light. You can create either authority or truth. That's it.

See the next tab 'Developing perspective' if you're really interested in seeking truth. If you just want authority and someone to tell you what to think, go find a political party.

Developing perspective is what creates truth and is something we expect you to commit to when you join the Qultura community.

Truth is relative to perception and only you have that perception. Perception is a matter of sense and experience and is developed through going through a felt sense of immediate experience as much as possible. On the one hand you have to go out into the world, connect with people and go through the experiences, and creating truth is the same process more or less to developing empathy, but you also have to look within and this is part of the processes too.

Within the context of this whole Consensus and what's written here, this is arguably one of the most important and significant commitments you could make within the Qultura community.

It's important to understand that dis-empowerment doesn't just come from authority and the various hierarchies. Most people in society also proactively participate in dis-empowering themselves and other people. The lie of individualism is still very popular and widespread. This results in the various mindgames people play out on each other, such as:

  • the various praise and blame mindgames
  • the game of 'Who started it' or 'Who is responsible?'
  • the game of 'Who Can We Give The Jollies To?'
  • the game of 'What can I Get Out of Others Today?'
  • the game of 'You're responsible because'
  • the game of 'It's not fair because...'
  • the game of 'I've got more entitlement that you because...'
  • the game of 'I'm better than you because..'

Another major commitment is not playing these mindgames which focus on developing and maintaining divisions and boundaries, all of which are based on the lie of individualism and the toxic, self-centred 'me me me me' cultural mindset of today.

This is one of the reasons why we need to develop empathy in a way which dissolves all these artificial divisions and boundaries between people.

Here we're referring making a solid and consistent commitment to personal freedom and civil liberty. Only we're not talking about demanding this from the government or anyone else. What we're referring to is you not building your own invisible psychological prisons in your life or chaining yourself to any societal treadmill.

Your goal in life, if you really want to develop empathy, is to take that single, individual perspective of consciousness in the sea, and move it through the various levels of your mind. Take it from the conscious mind into the subconscious mind, and then beyond that out into the field and the super-conscious collective mind, and back again. Just like a single wave in the sea goes up and down, peaks and troughs, you have to cycle an evolving state of consciousness through the different levels of your mind.

What you need to be doing is adding new layers and depth to that consciousness. You can do this either by connecting to others, by being part of a community, or by learning and expanding your mind.

You see when you get stuck in your environment physically, and you are no longer moving with the cosmos or environment around you, this means that your awareness is stuck, your perspective is stuck, and your consciousness is also stuck. Everything else is moving but you're stuck. There is no separation between your inner state or your outer state, or between you and your environment. It is all interconnected and interdependent. What happens is that your environment becomes a reflection of you.

The key to life is to keep pace with your environment and move around enough, and to seek change enough stepping in and out of your comfort zone, so that you never end up stuck, and you can actually develop your consciousness. This is how you develop empathy - not by holding up a yardstick against yourself and focussing on what you think are your imperfections. You have no imperfections, you have trauma, and trauma exists to motivate you to seek out and develop empathy. You will always have issues, you will always have baggage, you will always have trauma. The perfect you is an illusion. If you want to work on your trauma embrace them and move on to another area of consciousness through developing empathy through others in the community.

This is no different to taking physical exercise. If you don't take exercise you become unfit and unwell. If you don't move around in life and develop empathy you become disconnected, ignorant, dis-empowered, frustrated, lonely and mentally unfit.


These are commitments relating to developing a legacy.

When we refer to developing a legacy we're referring to developing a life objective which you do not share with any one person you know. Something which is unique and personal to you, based on what you can do better than anyone else you know, something which other people universally or generally appreciate in you. This can only come from you being yourself and walking your own path through life.

We recommend you figure out what it is about you which makes you totally different to everyone else you know, everyone else you come across. We're referring to you making a commitment to finding your source. Who you really are and were meant to be as determined by Mother Nature and not society. This might seem like a difficult commitment to make, but you've got the rest of your life to make this commitment.

You see when you're so clear what it is you want in life, and you're so determined to get to that place, and you are willing to give up everything and walk away from everyone to get to that place, then you're living a life in alignment with your purpose and walking your unique and individual path through life. This is where you can spend the rest of your life in complete synchronicity with who you really are. This is as opposed to chasing so many different things around you that are all shiny and sparkly and 'ooh I want to be so much like that person' or 'I want what that person has' or 'I want to do this' or 'I want to be known for this' or 'I want to try this for a few years'. But it's not you.

This is exactly what we strongly recommend and encourage you to work towards working primarily towards your purpose or objective in life above everything else. You are the missionary here. You are the creative life force and change in your life. You are a powerful creative force both in our community and your local community.

Risk taking is extremely important because it helps you develop one of your most powerful abilities - the ability to make choices. The ability to make choices is central to your life experience as an individual human being, and you shouldn't need us to explain why. This is what develops your life skills and it also develops your brain and your cognitive functioning ability.

You see if you ever become incapacitated, or become ill, or weak, or stifled, you're invariably going to go through a stage of regrets. Whenever you get held back or incapacitated you will always hit the regret stage. You will always hit that stage where you say to yourself "I should have done this." Or "I should have listened to so and so." You will always hit that place each time you hit a position of weakness. It doesn't matter if you're going to recover and come back. You will always hit the regret stage or as I refer to it the Could Have Should Have But Didn't stage.

This is true even if you just come down with a cold or the flu. See whenever you feel your strength and stamina slipping away you always start to review the life we feel we should have had if we had taken risks and given people chances. This is the life we would have lived had we listened to someone, had we not been afraid of being wrong, of being humiliated, afraid of being rejected, afraid of being let down. There may be other questions. What if I couldn't follow through? What if I couldn't take the consequences? What if I ran out of money? What if I end up alone? Yeah. What if?

Two things. We bet that in your life most of your worst fears have never come true, and if they did, you found a way to get past them or other people came to your aid. Second thing, we also bet that some of the best things in your life happened as a result of events which you had no involvement in, other people took risks to create the opportunity which led to the event and you had no idea what happened behind the scenes.

Stop playing it safe. When you're making decisions about life, stop looking backwards for guidance. There's nothing back there for you. The reason why you are where you are now and can look yourself in the face in a bathroom mirror is because that part of your life is over. It's history. Stop trying to create your future out of your history. Don't go there. Avoid it. See when you have to make a choice or a decision in your present time, that's when you need to open your mind, get out of your home, explore, experiment, seek out new faces, new experiences. Don't go back to who you were, what you did, and back into the past. It will pull you back and drag you down. You'll be going back to images of yourself which are false.

Likewise we strongly suggest making a commitment to giving other people chances, including complete strangers and giving up trying to take control or get the advantage in your social interactions. Learn to give up control to the cosmos and Mother Nature, stop trying to be the focus of control yourself. Let go. Give people chances. Learn to trust people and take them completely at face value. Give them a chance to show you what they can do and see if they come through for you.

This is essentially developing a 'I need what you need' strategy. When you try to adopt a position of control and seek advantage in a relationship you end up putting yourself in a position of conflict because you end up having to explain, justify or defend yourself. Imagine being the Prime Minister or US President. See how they have to defend themselves against large numbers of people.

What you need in any social interaction or position in society isn't control, it's power and you achieve power by letting go of control. Each time you let go of control completely and go with the flow, the universe takes over and what you will find - and you can try this out for yourself - is that unseen forces come together to make your life easier and smoother and you find it easier to not just meet people but interact with them.

This is how you develop empathy with different people. You let go, learn to trust them, and give them chances. It's not rocket science.

You need to make a regular commitment to alone time. This doesn't mean walking the dog or going shopping on your own or going for a drive. We are talking about a total and complete disconnection from society, civilization, technology, and going off to be alone in nature and spending time being commpletely isolated from everyone and everything in society. We're referring to just you and nature - trees, birds, grass, earth, water, and you.

This is not just about getting in touch with your natural self but it's also about you developing a relationship with yourself. Creating two roles with a running dialogue where, when you return to society you can step outside yourself and be the witness to your thinking, actions and choices. The time spent in nature is time for quality alone time, introspection, meditation, and development of your imagination and real time perception. Learn to ground yourself and centre yourself during these periods. Sort through the emotional and psychological trauma, discard ridiculous and irrelevant beliefs.

Learn to look at yourself and the world around you as an observer. Become your own guardian angel. Become your own guru and mentor. Look within you and shine the light into the darkness.

Figure out who and what you seek and are looking out for when you next go back to society and also, try to commit and being aware and present in the present moment. Avoid living in the past. Avoid being drawn to living in the future.


These are commitments relating to a commitment to humanity.

You make a commitment to serving humanity as an entire species first and foremost through the development of empathy and discipline through a community.

This is our recommended and primary method of climate action and climate action when it comes to Qultura means working together with other human beings to bring them into a community to participate in a revolution of social and cultural attitudes using empathy and its development.

Understand that our focus is not on climate change and environmental activism, because there are other organizations working towards those objectives. Our focus and mission is devoted solely to humanity and human evolution.

This means working together as a community to develop strategies for using empathy to transform human social and cultural beliefs and promote human diversity, individuality, creativity and strong, inclusive local communities which are connected in a global network each working in their own way towards what needs to be the primary cause of everyone on the planet and that is the cause of human evolution and our survival as a species in the face of climate change.

Another necessary commitment is a genuine commitment to putting aside differences through the development of empathy and boundary dissolving strategies.

This means we are working to promote the concept of polar thinking and work against environmental ignorance and also the false illusion of separateness that believing in individualism has created in everyone. This is something we need to do urgently to break down ideological differences and squabbles which affect large numbers of people and we are encouraging people to reject these differences, their ideological positions, embrace the fact that individualism is a lie, and join us to develop the Qultura community to work through empathy through completely new social and cultural beliefs.

Our chances of success in getting people to commit to putting aside their ideological and cultural differences is probably going to be small to miniscule so these people can be disregarded. Our focus is on working together to develop the Qultura community and developing empathy.

The more people who get involved the more powerful our community will become and the quicker we will achieve the social and cultural transformation we are working towards. Development of empathy through various projects is incredibly powerful and our work so far has elicited far more respect and cooperation than opposition. It's hard to fight people who are giving you the warm fuzzies.

Here we are talking about making a solid and genuine commitment to all humanity and a commitment to working towards genuine international solidarity. This includes genuine solidarity with the poor, the marginalized, the disenfranchized, the sick, people with disabilities, the infirm, the mentally ill, the stigmatized, the excluded, and the persecuted.

Our commitment extends to bringing these people into our community, giving them an immediate sense of inclusion, an immediate platform through which they can transform their trauma into subversive art and creative output so they can share their experiences, perspectives, insights, narratives and wisdom with the wider community the same as everyone else.

This is essential because the truth needs to come out and be told and shared about how the hierarchies and authorities seek to destroy the lives of individual people, kill them and hurt them and how they have abused and persecuted various social groups, ethnicities and even nationalities to maintain their wealth and power. This truth is a necessary part of the healing process that people need to go through to recover from their own trauma. This truth is necessary to restore the standards of morality and decency to society. This process will not be achieved through condemnation and bitterness. It needs to be a process based on empathy, honesty and personal integrity.

However we also need to seek oneness and community with those who many of us have rejected and discarded from our communities and societies. We need to learn once again to sit at the same table in society, eat the same food and share the same community as we would do to members of our own families. This is a necessary and important step if we are ever to achieve our ultimate mission and objective of human evolution on the basis of individual human creativity, individual human experience and empathy.

However when it comes to serving humanity and achieving our mission we need to make the primary commitment to community - primarily to the development of our own Qultura community and by extension to the local community which hosts each part of the QWultura community. This is a very basic and fundamental commitment, because if any change is to happen in society it needs to start in the local community, in cultural change and development, and this needs to be initiated and started we believe by the Qultura community.

As an organization we strongly believe in taking the path of least possible resistance. This means that we don't seek to confront or compete with anyone in society and we have no wish to become bogged down by getting involved in the various ideological confrontations and conflicts which have gridlocked our society and our communities. Far too many people are dying, far too many people are struggling, many without support, far too many people are suffering, many needlessly, and we do not have the time, the resources, or the energy or desire to waste on dealing with people who are too selfish, too ignorant and too self-serving to ever think about anyone other than themselves or how their beliefs, words and actions are harming and hurting other people.

Our primary focus needs to be to come together to come to the aid and support of all those people in our communities who are struggling and suffering and dying. We need to find these people and bring them into our community through development of empathy, development of our Qultura community, and development of a new far more humanitarian culture in the local community.

However first and foremost our community, the Qultura community needs to actually star developing and growing in numbers for these changes to start taking place. Likewise as we develop we need to come to the aid and support of those who will become persecuted or opposed by anyone in power. Note that the development of empathy involves use of space and the ability to move into empathy space.

Qultura is by its nature non confrontational. We never initiate or start any confrontation with any organization, authority or government because we have no need to enter into confrontation. We are the change, we never demand change from others.

However in the face of authoritarianism or oppression we reverse the right to respond by going underground, using stealth and by peaceful non-cooperation. As an organization while we expect members of our community to stand by and support others we as an organization are solidly behind all members of our community and we will do whatever it takes to protect and defend our community and civil liberty. We have developed strategies which make it hard for an authoritarian regime to stifle or completely stop our activities. We will not be stopped. The development of empathy and creativity and this cultural change is unstoppable.

No ideology will ever be more important than the cause of humanity, human evolution and the development of empathy and culture in the local community. No ideology will ever be more important than the life of even one single member of the Qultura community. these are our values. This is our way.