Cooking for community

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Cooking for community is a stable project designed to promote the culture of combining eating and the sharing of food with others in the local community and is designed to address the issue of both food poverty and the social stigma of food poverty and also provide people who are affected by such issues or who are unable to cook with a sense of companionship and inclusion in the local community.

We are working on a rough plan for a luncheon club or soup kitchen where food will be served around lunch time at the ROSE Centre for people who can make it. However there will also be an outreach aspect to the project where people can collect food and share it with those who cannot make it to the ROSE, such as the elderly and people with disabilities. You take the meal with you for your neighbour and have lunch with them. In this way we can get food out to people who are more isolated and lonely and they get to have lunch with someone together with a pleasant conversation.

The cooking will be done by volunteers from the local community and we will be working with the local council and other organizations to ensure that all food will be healthy, nutritious and wholesome. No charge will be made for any food cooked and supplied by this project and you will not need to be issued with a voucher to get access to food.

We will also need volunteers who can collect cooked food for more isolated members of the community and share our meal with them.

The Cooking for community appeal

Get involved

There are different ways you can get involved in this project:

  • cooking for other people
  • help with getting food to the ROSE
  • helping to serve food at the ROSE Centre
  • collecting food to be shared with someone else in the community

Experience in professional cooking or catering gives you a distinct advantage as does the possession of a food hygiene certificate. We intend to work with Wandsworth Council and provide opportunities for people to obtain food hygiene certificates for those who are interested.

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