The Cooking for Community Appeal

About this appeal

The Cooking For Community project is a new stable project which is expanding on our culture of food sharing to work with Wandsworth Council in London. This project is being developed to address two social issues - the first is food poverty and the second is social isolation. Many people do not get the opportunity to eat healthy nutritious food and to share a meal with someone else.

What we are looking to do

We are looking to provide a cooked meal or lunch at least once a week to people in the local community who can either come to eat with others for a lunch served at the ROSE Centre in Nine Elms or - as we intend to provide a take away service as well - collect lunch which can be shared with someone else who cannot make it to the ROSE Centre. Therefore we are working to provide lunch to people who are housebound, socially isolated or affected by social anxiety and who cannot deal with eating in a large group.

What we need

Below we give a summary of what we need to develop this project further.

  • catering standard stainless steel cooking pots
  • kitchen utensils
  • cutlery
  • crockery for serving lunch at the ROSE Centre
  • disposable containers for take away service
  • detergents and hygiene products
  • volunteers

How you can support this project

We have stipulated our volunteering requirements on the project page and anyone interested in volunteering to help develop this project is requested to refer to our details on the project page. As this is a pilot project we are open to the loan of the stainless steel cooking pots or if donated, must be of sufficient standards with regard to hygiene. Please also be aware that we would prefer pledges of support over direct donations for this project. We prefer any items donated to be delivered to the ROSE Centre directly.

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