Qultura Core v. Community

Developing empathy is about dissolving boundaries and perhaps the biggest difference between Qultura and pretty most other organizations on the planet is the fact that there's no boundaries or artificial divisions between service users and service providers, there is no hierarchy, no rules to follow, we don't have policies and our Qultura Constitution, our governing document, is based on common law and the Qulttura Consensus.

This might be a difficult concept for some people to grasp and mentally get their head round, but when you sign up to join the Qultura community what actually happens is that the Qultura community joins you. Qultura works to invert the whole dynamic between organization and individual and turns it completely 180 degrees on its head.

Understanding the concept of Qultura Core

Qultura Core is the centre of the entire community. It's the brain and nervous system. That's why the three part signing up process is so very important and why it's not enough to just fill out the form on our home page or introduction to this section. For sure this is all you need to do to join say a social movement, or political party, or some other organization because all organizations work on a top down authoritarian hierarchy which places you in the role of a follower who has to follow the ideology, the rules, the policies, and do everything in lockstep with everyone else.

This is not how Qultura works. Qultura is set up to function organically, like the human body, any living body, or even the planet itself.

The brain is just the physical and biological interface between you and your environment, and you and other people. The brain is what determines what goes through the mind, but is the brain in control of the mind, or the mind in control of the brain? But what about the other parts of your body? Are they not as important as the brain? How long do you think you will survive without a pair of lungs, or a heart? Or kidneys? Or a liver?

Qultura Core is part of the community

Qultura Core is the basis of the Qultura community just as much as the brain is the basis for the mind. The Qultura community assumes the exact same role as your mind because what else do you think of if it's not about your environment, events and other people? Likewise the Qultura community is potentially all the people on the planet behind which stands Qultura Core.

This means that there is zero difference between you, the individual member of the Qultura community, expanding your mind and developing your level of perception when it comes to consciousness, and developing the Qultura community through getting other people involved in the community. You can only develop your mind and consciousness through contact with other people, especially people you don't know. Developing the Qultura community involves the exact same process.

Why such a relationship?

This is how creativity and interaction actually works in both the universe and nature. There are only two creative forces, trauma and drama, or yin and yang, or habit and novelty, or devolution and evolution. We know from our own personal experience that when you let go of control over others and quit clinging to your personal beliefs and ideology you transform the energy all around you. Instead of constantly being drained of energy and having to fight everybody else to follow your agenda through being in a position of being always on the defensive, you let go of energy and pick up on the energy from the universe and the environment. Life becomes much easier, and as you develop empathy through contact and interaction with different people, doing different things, you expand your mind, become much more aware, and become more powerful. Only it's not you, the individual who is powerful, because the power comes from you being in complete alignment with the consciousness and energy out there in the environment.

This is the fundamental nature of magic. Magic is language, it's culture, and it's using unseen energies in the cosmos to bring about your creativity. Magic is all about taking something out of your imagination, even a simple meme (such as Creative Law) and turning it into reality through the involvement of other people. There's no need to fight or oppose anyone, attend marches or demos, just be yourself and do your own thing. If enough people on the planet did this the whole culture and social attitudes based on individualism would vanish within a very short space of time.