Balanced perspective - an introduction to Qultura.


Qultura is all about three things - connection, culture and relationship - between you, the individual, and everything else in existence. It is about achieving a balanced relationship between you and your environment. Please understand that environment also means 'other', it means everything which you don't define as your physical body. This includes other people because other people are not part of your physical body (well, not unless you're a pregnant woman carrying a foetus)

The core essential fact about Qultura

Qultura is a method of enquiry which is developed to get you from a traumatic experience in life to an experience where your life flows naturally - where what you do and what happens to you become balanced and one and the same experience. Therefore developing a Qultura method is all about finding your natural equilibrium in life because it is believed that it's at this point in your life, when everything is balanced and flowing smoothly, you are at your happiest.

This is why we use a Tree Example to explain this balance between reality and existence, and it's also why we have a tree in our logo.

All living existence is all about the relationship between an organism and its environment. Pick any science you like, be it biology, physics, chemistry, human biology, medical science, and it will all be based on the relationship between a living organism and its environment. But this is not a scientific website or community. Our focus is on mysticism. Mysticism forms the basis of sciences and in fact, all human concepts.

We're going to breeze through the four universal principles here to give you a gist of what Qultura is about and how to go about developing your own Qultura method.

We go into more details in the About section. You can get an even more detailed explanation in Resources > The Principles and ultimately, you get full details in The Principle and the Process book on our Home Page. You're welcome to post questions on our community Message Board and if all else fails you can click on the red speech icon on any webpage to ask a question via our Formbutton.

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Creative Law

This is Creative Law. This is the foundation pf all Qultura methodology.

Now this is where some people confuse Qultura with Taoism and the Tao Te Ching or claim that it's the same thing. It's not. In Taoism you get told that the Dao is the life force which explains everything and you get the Tao Te Ching or Book of Changes which is an audiobook on Youtube which lasts a few hours and you have to figure it all out from that.

Don't be taken in by the text heavy appearance of this website. Qultura is set up for simplicity. The universe is infinite space, which is filled with infinite consciousness. The only thing here you need to understand is that space is reality and that consciousness is existence. All consciousness is information. Think about this. Nothing can exist without giving out some kind of information about its existence, right? But if something exists, then it must exist in some kind of reality, right?

Now both space and consciousness are infinite. This means that neither reality nor existence can be ever fully known, understood, defined or explained. It just is. Now if you were to read everything in this website and the book it will do your head in. Information overload. What you need to do is keep it simple, break everything down, and just look for information as and when you need it. Either in the About section, in the Resources, in The Principle and the Process book, on the Message Board, or by asking a question.

But then you've got energy, which is wavelength (or cycle), frequency, and how it connects to consciousness and space. This is the Creative Cycle in the centre of the Creative Law meme. We come to this next.

Trauma and equilibrium

Trauma is the sole force in the universe. The outcome of all trauma is separation, division, destruction and death.

This gives us the foundation premise of Qultura.

All trauma and suffering arises out of division and perception of division.

This is a universal principle. It also applies to humans. Your mind is space, but your Principle (individual conscious perspective)is consciousness. What connects the two is of course energy and physicality. A certain amount of trauma is built into your life experience and inevitable. Obvious examples include menstruation in women, childbirth, aging, sickness, disease, heartache, pain, loss, conflict, abuse, fear, injury, and so on and so forth.

It is this trauma which motivates the constant cycles of creativity and interaction in the universe, in nature, in the environment, and in life.

The proactive pursuit of drama

If you look at the Creative Law meme you will see that trauma is negated by drama. This is all part of the same universal principle which is Creative Law. The proactive pursuit of drama is the most effective and direct way of developing consciousness.

Both Buddhism and Taoism promote passive forms of 'enlightenment' such as meditation, contemplation and so on. This is where Qultura is totally different. While there is some value to meditation and contemplation, which of course brings you back to centre, but see you're already as enlightened as you're ever going to be, and life is meant to be a journey, an experience, and a relationship between you and the environment and community.

The recommended way of developing a Qultura method requires a commitment to two things:

The self-study of mysticism
All Qultura methodology is based on the four universal principles we present here on this page, but this only gives you a basic understanding of the relationship between consciousness, energy and space and how they interact. You need to develop your own individual Qultura method so as to be able to sense, feel, and intuitively navigate your way through life in the right way to find your natural equilibrium. Don't get hung up on language. Language is insufficient to enable you to find your natural equilibrium. You need to be able to sense it, feel it, and figure it out through insight.
Development of truth, creativity and empathy
This is where you're going to need to be involved in a community for two reasons. You need to commit to seeking out opportunities for pleasure, happiness and love both for yourself and others. This is so as to develop the mindfulness and discipline in order to develop consciousness. This is also so as to become real yourself. You cannot define yourself or get to know yourself. You can only get to know yourself and discover your truth through involvement in a community and through interaction with other people. This brings us to the second thing you need to commit to. You need to commit to being real and being yourself. This means that you are fully committed to talking your talk, walking your walk and living your truth. Don't settle for being an Ego and a bit player in the socioeconomic system. Quit being a follower and a watcher. Quit being a consumer. Start being who you really are.
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The Triangular Relationship

This is the second universal principle of Qultura methodology. This relates specifically to the different versions of reality we all experience. There are two different versions of reality.

The first is of course actual reality, which is the reality of the universe and Nature.

Then you have cultural reality, which is the reality which has been created out of human thinking and human concepts. This of course relates to such things as religion, politics, social and cultural attitudes, and concepts of God, money, time, and so on and so forth.

You of course experience both versions of reality simultaneously, and your experience of both - through the felt sense of immediate experience - go together to create your individual reality.

Within you, without you

"Turn off your mind, relax and float downstream,
It is not dying, it is not dying,
Lay down all thoughts, surrender to the void,
It is shining, it is shining,
And you may see the meaning of within,
It is being, it is being....."
The Beatles, "Tomorrow never knows"

All Qultura methodology is based on subversion.

This is where you need to pay attention and focus on what is written here. Our socioeconomic reality (cultural reality) places a very heavy emphasis on cultural reality, the development of Ego, enslavement to ideology and organized belief systems and the constant psychological and emotional struggle for self-esteem. It doesn't matter who you are, what your background and circumstances are, how you were raised, how you were educated, your social position, status, social class, whatever, you will be sucked into this 'system' and be forced to play along.

This runs counter to Qultura methodology, which, is focussed entirely on development of consciousness from 'source', i.e. from actual reality. Hence the self-study of mysticism and proactive involvement in community.

All subversion is about the creative outward expression and sharing of individual truth. It is your journey through life, your story, your narrative, your being, your life experience, your perception of reality and truth, this is what forms the basis of your unique and individual Qultura method. This means that any traumatic experience you have ever had in life, be it child abuse, be it a divorce, be it an addiction, be it poverty, be it heartache, be it a health struggle, be it a mental health issue, this all has value and your experience of this can provide insight to others in the community.

All this is based on the Sacred Feminine Principle, which is of course centred on individual creativity and also on the development of empathy. The Qultura community is very much an empathy focussed community. Out of trauma there is growth and healing, and out of new reality and space comes new consciousness.

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The process of individuation

Next we come to the development of who you are which is the process of individuation. This is where you need to cultivate an open mind and stop clinging to your Ego and personal prejudices. Small minded people cling to their prejudices, ideologies and belief systems and do whatever it takes to fit their life experiences to their prejudices, ideologies and belief systems. They live in a world of illusions and cultural reality so eventually life becomes a struggle which is filled with misery, conflict, fear and suffering.

Two of the biggest barriers to happiness in life are belief in Ego and belief in external authority. All belief in ideology and moral reasoning sets you up in conflict with other people.

But when you cultivate an open mind and reject your Ego instead developing your Principle and Process, you are always aware of the reality and alkso the potential in others and the possibilities, and you can easily find your authentic self and individual equilibrium.

You do want to be happy in life, don't you?

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Free access to culture, free access to community

Making use of Qultura, our community resources and participating in the Qultura community is completely free of charge and also free from ideology, free from belief systems, free from political bullshit and melodrama. Be who you really are and figure out a way to live that you really want to live.

Above is the primary social interaction schema of the Qultura community. Ethics is simple - be yourself, do no harm, do not create or cause division. Respect the individuality and autonomy of others as you respect your own individuality and autonomy. Personal equilibrium is something you sense and feel. Trust your inner being, your Core Being and let your Principle guide you.

We'll throw in a second video if you need time to think about this.