Beyond COVID - volunteer recruitment campaign.


The above short video, which features data from the Office of National Statistics, the Samaritans and CHAIN (which compiles homelessness statistics) is part of our 'Beyond COVID' volunteer recruitment campaign. Through this campaign we are seeking to rebuild the Qultura community on a much larger scale, nationally, trans-Atlantic, or even internationally. We're keeping an open mind, but wherever you find people involved in our community, that's where our community will be.

It's not a particularly pleasant video. But currently premature mortality - people dying by suicide, unlawfully, "accidentally" or through a death which can be seen as either unnecessary or preventable - stands at around 1.8 million people in the UK annually. This is a very grim statistic.

It's important to understand that we've already crossed that threshold where corporate profit and economic growth is considered far more important than the sanctity of human life. The most powerful social institution is the corporation with no ethical or moral responsibility to anybody but their shareholders. Similarly we are represented in government by political parties with no ethical or moral responsibility to anyone outside the party hierarchy. This is not a dig at capitalism or us trying to be political. We're just pointing out the facts and the reality of the society we all live in.

The effects of the COVID pandemic

Even before anyone had heard of COVID-19 we were in a state of advanced cultural decline with society becoming more and more fragmented. The COVID pandemic has only exacerbated this cultural decline and social fragmentation. However it's also very important to remember that the various COVID lockdowns have wiped out many social enterprises and community organizations. We ourselves were almost wiped out completely late in 2020. But we took the opportunity to reinvent ourselves, adopt a different approach and undergo a transformation.

If you take us out of the equation here recovery from COVID-19, both the pandemic and lockdowns, is going to be tightly controlled by organizations and corporations. It doesn't matter whether we're talking about a corporation, a charity, a government department, a local authority, a business, your recovery as an individual is going to involve becoming involved with some sort of organization and fitting in with their agenda. You could be working, volunteering, or undertaking some other activity such as political or ecological activism, but the agenda and what happens is going to be controlled by the organization, not you.

But what if you don't meet the criteria? Too bad. What if you don't like conformity and being told what to do? Tough luck. What if you don't have the resources or energy to jump through all the hoops? Hard cheese. What if your interests, experience and skills no longer fit in with what's required? Well if it's not commercially viable (read 'profitable') then we guess you'll have to write your own hard luck story, won't you?

Do you see the point we're trying to make here?

A new type of community resource

Qultura Core is a new developing community resource which administers both Qultura methodology and the Qultura community. Qultura is a method of enquiry which has been derived out of Therevada Buddhism. But unlike Buddhism Qultura methodology is much simpler and is a powerful, effective resource at transforming consciousness and helping individual people recover from personal trauma and traumatic life experiences. What makes Qultura somewhat different from Buddhism is that you create your own unique Qultura method based on your own life experiences, a self-study of mysticism and proactive involvement in a community, such as the Qultura community.

Out of all this we have developed a system of supporting people out of social stigma and social exclusion - which takes in many different social issues such as homelessness, destitution, addiction, long term joblessness, mental health issues, depression, anxiety disorders, and so on - which is simple, direct and very effective. It's also incredibly cost efficient.

We are therefore in a position to create and develop a completely new community resource which can potentially help thousands, if not millions of people throughout the country. This is what we are seeking to do - to create a completely new community resource and support network which is accessible to millions of people throughout the country. Using our community Message Board which is freely accessible (as is our community) to everyone we are working to start from a small core of dedicated volunteers working together online, through the Message Board, and build and develop a community resource which extends throughout the country and even internationally.

Welcome to universal volunteering

We've created a new system of universal volunteering which is fully self-identifying, self-regulating and self-perpetuating. As we are looking to rebuild and develop a new community resource through community participation and involvement we are currently seeking a large number of different community volunteers and activists throughout the country.

We have observed that there are many different people all over the place who want to get involved in some kind of rebuilding or recovery efforts after COVID. There are many different people who already have skills, have previous experience, and have specific interests in culture, community, social issues, or creative activities, who might be interested in developing a new opportunity.

We also understand that there are many people who are struggling, or who are struggling to rebuild a life destroyed by the COVID pandemic or lockdowns who are still trying to find their feet. Please don't feel excluded as we are emphasizing community support initiatives and projects and maybe we can help you find support and opportunities through which you can rebuild your life

We therefore invited you to get involved simply by making us an offer based on your existing interests, experience and what you want to do or enjoy doing. Below we give you the choice over whether you want to learn more about how everything works or whether you want to create a role and make us an offer.

Visit 'Resources' to get more detailed information How to create your role in our universal volunteering system