The power of money - understanding the reality behind money.

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It's important to understand that the concept of money being something which is tangible and finite is an illusion. Like time, money is infinite and like time, the actual reality of money is space. This is something you might want to think about.

Think about this. Think about how you use money and what you use money for.

You might also want to think about why money is so important to you.

Do you not trade money for access to space?

How about trading money for experience? Do you ever trade money for experience?

How about trading money for time?

This is even before we’ve got onto the subject of using money for anything that is physical, tangible or concrete.

Money is just a numerical variation of time, which is a human way of measuring existence and experience against space on terms of dimensions, cycles, patterns and frequencies.

Money is just more closely associated with bartering and trade than time, and this is the only real difference. But consider that when you are paying for your weekly shopping at the supermarket you are still paying for all those groceries with time. The supermarket does not receive anything tangible or physical from you in exchange for your shopping. You’re still paying with a form of space.

It’s a very specific form of space, i.e. the Bank of England form of space, but it’s still a form of space.

All money is created against credit and debt, which are two more words to mean space. If you have credit then you have space against which to purchase things. Debt is also space only it's space in your life which is owned by someone else. It's space you need to fill with money or time.

Is this making any sense to you? We hope so.

Our main point here is that money isn't real and has no actual reality in itself. It's just a human concept and nothing more than this. So the next time someone asks you "Where is the money going to come from?" You can tell them that money comes from a bank and is created out of empty space. If you wish you can explain the above to them and see the look on their face.