Social media 2021 - our new annual strategy.

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This is the first of our annual social media strategies, this one being for 2021 and going into 2022. There are different reasons why we have decided to review our social media presences and platforms on an annual basis.

The first reason comes down to the fact that Qultura Core is becoming a Community Interest Company (CIC) which works with other organizations and local authorities in what we define as a Figure of Eight partnership. We define ourselves as a community, not an organization and the way we function and operate, purely to provide benefits to communities and people, thus we function organically, means that we are - in terms of organization and structure - incompatible with every other organization you can think of.

This is also closely related to our founding principle, which is that the culture of any local community should be determined as much as humanly possible by the individual members (people) of that local community. This means that culture is determined by people, not by us, not by any organization, and certainly not by any corporation.

As most social media platforms are owned by corporations who grant people free (but heavily restricted) access to their platforms, we have noticed in recent years a growing trend in content being heavily controlled by corporate interests with algorithms being developed to filter out more and more content from people and communities in favour of political or corporate content.

But this isn't our main concern (though it is a very close second). Our main concern is over privacy and what happens to the data you post on social media websites. We are fully aware of the Great Reset and have been for years. We are also very much aware of Agenda 21/30. We are already included in official planning with regard to cultural development in London. We have a voice and a seat at the table.

As a community, our first loyalty is to the local authorities and organizations who directly support us in our work and the development of our community. This for us is a matter which is beyond all discussion. This is why we keep our official business separate from our social media platforms. We have worked hard to develop a position of trust with organizations and some degree of official recognition, and we refuse steadfastly to compromise that in any way over some corporate or political agenda.

Our relationship with Facebook

We have recently decided that Facebook is far more political organization than social media platform, and its agenda is almost entirely political and often runs counter to that of other organizations and local authorities as well falling consistently below our Community Standards as a community.

Therefore while we may still have a presence on Facebook, Instagram and Whatsapp, we have decided to discontinue development of our pages and groups on these platforms and instead focus on developing our social media presence elsewhere.

Other mainstream social media platforms

Our relationship with Twitter never really got off the ground and can be regarded quite accurately as 'stillborn'.

We do have some content on Youtube which can be regarded as 'legacy' content but we are far more in favour of developing a presence on Vimeo and also hosting our own videos on the Qultura websites. We plan to develop new offshoot websites for Qultura Fringe and a new Community Blog website being run as subdomains off the main Qultura website. This will take place once we have figured out the content for each site.

We are also toying with the idea of developing a new Qultura social media platform but this is still very much at the discussion stage.

So where can you find us on social media?

Before we get into where you can find us on social media, we first would like to point out our general feelings about social media. We are a community who are very proactive about people getting involved proactively in communities, developing empathy, developing creativity and actually meeting up and doing stuff together. To us the internet is a great tool for developing communities if people can only get past the main reasons why we have all been given free access to the internet, which are:

  • to keep tabs on us
  • to keep us all divided and at each other's throats
  • to bamboozle us with false, inaccurate and misleading information to keep us all confused
  • to sell us all kinds of shit we don't need
  • to massage our Egos and draw us into all kinds of different rabbit holes

This is why nothing developed on social media ever really gets past likes, a few comments and the odd discussion. To get anywhere you've got to shell out serious money for the promotion otherwise you get sidelined or even marginalized.

The best way of being in contact with the Qultura community is to become part of it and participate in its development. This is a process which takes a couple of minutes. But we know. We're not a 'corporate brand' so possibly in your mind we're not trustworthy and we're not as popular as all those corporate branded social media websites. We get it. We really do.

But see, we're not in the business of massaging Egos or telling anybody what to think, what to believe or what to do.

Below are our main social media platforms for 2021. Click on any button for more details.