Core reference

This is a simple reference section about the universal principle on which Qultura is based.


This is a condensed reference section about the universal principle of Creative Law and the Triangular Relationship on which the entire Qultura method and system - that of the Principle and Process - is based.

What is Creative Law?

Creative Law was developed by Stella Baker at the end of 2009 and is arguably the simplest interpretation of the universal principle of creativity and interaction which is common to both the universe and Nature.

As indicated in the Principle and Process video on the home page of both the Qultura and Qultura Core websites, existence is based on consciousness which fills the space throughout the universe and provides the sensory information which we understand to be the environment.

Consciousness, energy and space all interact with one another in a perpetual creative cycle which is constantly changing. Consciousness is the principle, because consciousness is existence. The process is the constant creativity and interaction through which the universe constantly expands and which is the basis for biological evolution.

Stella Baker is the surviving founder of Qultura and is a self-educated philosopher, mystic, shaman, Fringe dramatist and researcher into consciousness and existential matters. Since 1983, aged 17 she has been a Therevadin, the Therevada being the oldest school of Buddhism in existence. Since the development of Creative Law she has advocated the development of consciousness through direct life experience, development of empathy and participation in the local community without any need to follow any philosophy or a religious or political ideology. You develop consciousness through connecting to people and through direct life experience, and not through following ideology.

What is this about?

Various groups of scientists - astrophysicists, physicists, biologists and ecologists - people such as astrophysicist Neil de Grasse Tyson, consciousness researcher Anthony Peake, Californian anaesthetologist Stuart Hameroff MD - are part of a growing consensus that not only do we not understand what reality is, but we will never understand what reality is or what it's about.

This is very good news

This means that your intelligence is based primarily on consciousness, and not on intellect and memory, and it also means that human intelligence can be developed through the development of consciousness, and thus will remain in exploratory, evolutionary mode all the time. This also means that human ignorance needs to be recognized not as a human failing and something bad, but as something positive and and opportunity to further develop one's consciousness.

The end of objective reasoning

More and more people are becoming aware that if you seek to increase your intelligence through physical means, i.e. developing your intellect and memory, you will not become any more intelligent and furthermore, you will only become more and more distracted from the primary purpose of life, which is to increase and develop your ability to perceive consciousness through developing your individual creativity and ability to connect to and relate to your environment.

Drawing a line under COVID-19

On August 13th 2020 Stella Baker, the founder of Qultura, attended the 9th and final conference organized through Zoom by the Arts and Culture Team of Wandsworth Council which was titled 'Future Visioning' - about how to address the various environmental and social issues which we are facing in the 21st century. These issues range from such things as climate change, unemployment, COVID-19, the development of the arts and culture, the redevelopment of local communities and the socioeconomic issues which many people today are facing.

Stella Baker spoke briefly of the widespread need for empathy both in the community and throughout society, the need for widespread political and economic reform, the need to tackle white supremacy and to address the causal factors of poverty and lack of opportunity experienced by many people, the need to reform our education system, and the need for investment in people and widespread reform of community support and of the government's welfare benefits system of Universal Credit and Personal Independence Payments (PIP).

Qultura Core is working with the Wandsworth Council's Arts Team to develop local community culture in the Nine Elms Development Zone for the benefit of people in London.

How to use this section

Unlike pretty much any organization or community you can think of, neither Qultura nor Qultura Core is goal-orientated, but is primarily focussed on the process aspects of life, living existence, development of culture and development of community. There is no mission or mission statement, no ideology, no belief system, no rules and no policies. This section is about the principle, and Qultura is the process, or the method of system, which is how things work and how we develop culture and community.

Figuring out your individual principle and process

From our perspective community like society is part of your environment. It doesn't matter whether we're talking about the Qultura community, the local community where you live, an online community, or society in general, it's still part of your environment and something you need to be connected to in some way for your life to work out and 'flow'. However for you to be connected to your environment and the community you need to understand the principles of reality and how reality works - both in terms of actual reality - consciousness, energy and space - and also in terms of cultural reality. This section is around a dozen short webpages which gives you a basic awareness of how reality works and this forms the basis of the Qultura principle.

This principle, which is based on Creative Law, applies to everything to do with Qultura. If you understand this principle, and the method, then you should be able to figure out your own individual principle and process.


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