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Introduction to Core Theory

This webpage is about the core theory behind the universal principles which form the basis for the Qultura community. They are based on Creative Law, illustrated above, which are the core principles of existence which govern creativity and interaction common to both the universe and nature. Note that this is a law and not a theory, and it's a slightly different take on Natural Law or Universal Law. These are both fixed, immutable principles which apply to everything in existence. Then you have the actual theories which have been developed out of Creative Law, which are the Triangular Relationship and Stella Baker's Social Theory.

We've created this page in the Mission section as a point of reference which goes with our mission. We share Creative Law, our theory and concepts freely in the public interest for personal, community and non profit making purposes only and this is part of the exchange on which our founding principle, i.e. free access to culture and creativity is based. This means that organizations and local authorities such as Wandsworth Council who support our work through free access to community space may also make use of our laws, theory and concepts in the public interest. This arrangement also extends to organizations such as Battersea Power Station and charities such as The Passage, the mental health charity SANE and also the University of Westminster who we also work with. Obviously it goes without saying that members of the Qultura community may also access and make use of this resource as a point of reference.

Core theory reference section.

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This is Creative Law developed by Stella Baker, founder of Qultura in November 2009. It was developed out of a theory of modern drama and it became Creative Law when it was discovered that drama is opposite to trauma and develops consciousness. What is written below explains the meme or illustration above, which contains the entirety of Creative Law.

What makes Creative Law so special is that, despite not telling us anything new, Creative Law encapsulates the core principle of creativity and interaction in both the cosmos and nature, as well as the polarity between drama and trauma in a very simple, clear meme.

However you have all the core principles in detail.

The core principles of existence

There are three core principles of existence:

Everything in existence is unique and individual and is never replicated to be the exact same as anything else in existence.
Everything in existence conforms to a binary set of characteristics to facilitate interaction
All change and motion is cyclical in nature

The Energy Spectrum

Energy exists in space and is defined by its wavelength, frequency and level of consciousness. This spectrum exists between drama (pure consciousness) and trauma (pure radiation).

The more traumatic the energy is, the shorter the wavelength, the higher the frequency and the lower the level of consciousness. The more dramatic the energy is the longer the wavelength, the lower the frequency, and the higher the level of consciousness.

The amount of energy in the universe is constant for energy cannot be created or destroyed. However space and consciousness are both expansive. The more space there is relative to energy the higher the frequency of energy and the lower the level of consciousness. The more consciousness there is relative to energy the lower the frequency of energy.

The mid-point of the energy spectrum is water, which is reflective of energy. Water defines the boundary between the animate and inanimate, and the difference between mass and matter.

Definition of creativity

Creativity can be defined as any interaction between two or more individual points in the universe which results in the development of consciousness.

The creative flow

Creative always flows from within an individual point in the universe and is expressed outwards. A seed planted in earth creates a tree. A tree grows and creates branches, twigs and leaves and may create fruit. A female hen creates an egg. The egg creates a chick. Creativity always flows outwards from the individual as a result of interaction.

What motivates human evolution?

Human creativity and social interaction is what motivates human evolution.

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All existence is based on a triangular relationship. A river is an individual river but not the only river in existence, and it also exists in an environment. Likewise you are an individual human being in a constant relationship with your environment and also society. This means that there is no separateness in existence. Everything is interconnected and interdependent on everything else in existence.

The Triangular Relationship is based on Creative Law. You cannot have creativity without interaction, just as you cannot have interaction without creativity.

This means that any change in one circle, be it individual, social or environmental will have consequences in the other two circles. A change in a social relationship will result in environmental change and also change in the individual. This is because consciousness is the basis of reality and existence and is therefore the environment.

This also means that desired change in one area requires change in the other two areas. You cannot resolve an issue or solve a problem with the same level of consciousness and without some form of social interaction.

Any change or interaction will result in consequences which are either dramatic or traumatic. The outcome is determined by karma. Karma is a Sanskrit word meaning 'action'. Karma is commonly misundersood to be a form of divine retributive justice especially in Western culture. This is far too simplistic because like consciousness or the environment karma can never be fully understood or know. It is too complex and too infinite. Karma can can only be felt or experienced. This means that karma is like love and fear, the two dominant forms of energy in human interaction. It can only be defined by you as a part of your individual experience and perspective. You cannot define karma or know of it as a complete entity.

The Triangular Relationship is also based on Universal Law and is significant when making choices. You can use the Triangular Relationship to make some very powerful choices in your life. Please see the webpage about the power of choice in this section for more information about making powerful choices.


Human evolution is motivated by individual human creativity, and is enhanced by human diversity. This is what motivates and promotes cultural development, and - through cultural development in local communities - this is what promotes social progress. When you have both cultural development and social progress you also create opportunities for everyone, and this is what promotes social cohesion and economic prosperity.

There is never any need for any ideology in human evolution, because human evolution doesn't need an ideology. It just is, because the human species just is, the planet just is, nature just is, and so too is the universe itself.

The basis of human life experience

The fundamental basis for human life experience is the felt sense of immediate experience and the sense of belonging in a community in order to be able to share those experiences of the environment with others in the community. What this actually means is that culture and being involved in cultural development is what is central and pivotal to the individual human experience of life.

The process aspect of living

Life is a continuous experience, simply because existence is a continuous process, and this is what makes the experience of life a journey, a passage, an adventure and evolutionary process for everyone. However this same evolutionary process, which is common to all of us, is also common to our community, society and ultimately, our evolution as a species. This can only be developed through an evolutionary approach to culture and cultural development, which gives people constant opportunities to thrive through a continuous process of opportunities for individuation, multiplication and diversification of the species. This can be the only environment in which human beings naturally thrive and which allows us to return to being the natural caretakers and nurturers of other species and the environment itself. This is because we need the constant back and forth, to and fro through the interface of the felt sense of immediate experience with our environment.

The pivotal nature of culture in human society

Human beings are the most socially variant species in the animal kingdom. We have more languages than any other species. More theories and beliefs that any other species. We have developed more ways of raisin our young, forming communities, creating societies than any other animal. But we are also the cruellest, the most dangerous species in the animal kingdom, and arguably the most predatory and virulent. The basis of the human experience is language and culture, and out of this we have beliefs, theories, ideas and a tendency towards ideologies. We are also the only species of the animal kingdom to form compulsions, create addictions and this is usually done on the basis of belief attachments and disorders which can result in emotional disturbances, dysfunctions, personality disorders and mental illness and much of this comes out of a culture and enviroment of cultural decline caused by persistent beliefs which are developed out of individualism.

Individualism is toxic to human evolution

Human evolution is dependent on human creativity, human empathy, a sense of community, compassion and the development of intelligence, insight, and perception of consciousness. These things all bring insight, wisdom and understanding of our environment, each other, and ultimately, ourselves. Individualism goes against all these core human values and needs for nothing more than an addiction to money and power at the expense of everything else.


Human evolution is motivated by individual human creativity, empathy, cultural development and community cooperation. Humans are complex, social, and thrive on diversity. Every single human needs opportunities for individuation, acceptance and a sense of belonging in order to thrive. We come as a whole package and until we learn to diversify and cooperate as a species our chances of further evolution on this planet are non-existent.

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What we mean by universal law

Universal law is also known as natural law, and we are referring to the fixed, immutable principles - which elsewhere on this website we refer to as universal principles - according to which both the universe and nature functions and behaves. We present this together with Creative Law here as a means to provide enlightenment and empowerment to whoever needs such enlightenment and empowerment. These principles apply equally to everything and everyone in existence and once you learn and are able to perceive these principles in your reality, and if you embrace these principles, your life should at some point become much easier.

The fundamental basis of reality or actuality comes down to the fundamental basis of existence which is consciousness. Out of consciousness comes both energy and space. It's a common misconception that space is nothing or empty, when in actual fact space contains everything in existence. Space is what is expanding in the universe, constantly, and it is consciousness which creates this space through the transformation of energy. However this is explained further in Creative Law and for the purpose of this particular webpage, it is enough to understand that consciousness, energy and space together constitutes reality and actuality. Nothing more.

So what is universal law really all about?

If anything universal law is about interdependency and relativity and the principles of action, reaction and interaction. Another popular misconception instilled in us by culture and our cultural and social programming is that everything is separate and disconnected and the universe is some mass jumble of chaos and confusion. You are conditioned to believe that you're just a centre of consciousness or an Ego inside a body which is encased in skin and completely separate to everything else.

This is not true. You are very much part of the universe and this planet as anyone and anything else and you are connected to everything and everyone else in existence. You exist on a planet in a minor galaxy on the outer edge of the universe, a fiery planet with a very thin crust as its surface, most of which is covered by water, and one of the fundamental characteristics of this planet is that it produces a diverse range of life forms in plant and animal form which interact with one another.

In order to exist and live you need the environment and habitat which makes you a part of the environment as the sea, the mountains, the earth, and the environment in which you exist is just as much a part of you as your face, your body and your fingerprints.

Universal law through cultural symbolism

Understanding of the principles of universal law is not as rare or uncommon as many people may think given the fact that the basis of such understanding predates much of what we understand to be science. The truly religious and spiritual among us understand universal law and its principles through such symbolism as God, divine will, and understand that the universe is autonomous, conscious and self-regulating.

However many people don't understand simply because it has not been brought to their attention or the principles have been subverted by ideology or cultural manipulation and this is especially true of religion, many aspects of spirituality and also many aspects of the occult. You can find a lot of different examples of explanations of universal law on the internet and get to read vast amounts of reading materials or watch lengthy videos on Youtube. However what is really important to remember is that universal law is all about interdependency, relativity, and the core principles of action, reaction and interaction.