Qultura Core

Qultura Core is the central hub or nucleus of the Qultura community, acting as both the community network and an important community resource.


Qultura Core is the central nucleus of the Qultura community set up as a Community Interest Company (CIC) to promote individual human creativity, individual human experience, development of empathy, discipline of faculty, the development of culture, development of community and the development of human consciousness.

The lack of accessible opportunities

Despite the fact that human beings are equipped with powers of memory and imagination unrivalled anywhere in the animal kingdom, we are living in society where digital technology has far surpassed human capabilities for processing physical or logical information. Even a primitive smartphone can process logical information far more efficiently than an intelligent, educated human being. This means that our socioeconomic system is failing and can no longer provide sufficient opportunities for work and occupation to sustain our current economic system.

Furthermore digital technology has developed to a degree where traditional external authority is outdated and inefficient, simply because information is so much more easily accessible. This means that there is a need for widespread reform when it comes to government and political systems without which we will not be able to sustain an economy without running into serious social issues.

The need for constant cultural development

There is a need for constant cultural development and investment in people, investment in local communities, and investment in cultural development. We cannot say what political reforms are necessary, we are not a political party, we are an empathy based community and our focus is on the emotional and mental wellbeing of individual people in a community. but we are sure that the development of the arts and culture is fundamental to economic and social reform and investment in people is also fundamental to avoid social and economic collapse.

What do we stand for?

Without empathy there is no connection between self and other, between internal environment and external environment. Without empathy there is no connection between people in a community or even within a society. There is no consensus. There is just chaos, division, competition, a lack of awareness, a lack of understanding, a lack of insight, and this can lead to exploitation, abuse and inhumanity.

The need for change

How can we talk of taking care of the environment and addressing the issues of climate change when we cannot even take care of each other as a species?

The example of suicide

Statistically one person a week commits suicide on the London Underground. At least one person commits suicide by jumping off a bridge into the River Thames in London. According to official ONS statistics 14 adults commit suicide every day and one child every six weeks. For every woman who commits suicide three men commit suicide. People commit suicide across all age groups. These are conservative estimates as it can take years for a coroner to determine suicide as a cause of death, and the daily figure could be as high as 18 people a day. From our own research for every person who commits suicide there can be as many as 30 attempted suicides. Primary motivating factors include social stigma, mental health issues, and issues relating to welfare benefits.

The need for emotional and mental wellbeing

It's not enough just to create opportunities for the suicidal to 'talk' because just talking isn't going to give them the sense of emotional and mental wellbeing they need in order to stop thinking about killing themselves. There needs to be opportunities for change which enables them to get back control of their minds, their thinking, and emotions. But such opportunities are beneficial to people even if they aren't feeling suicidal and would be beneficial to a lot of people in the community.

This is what Qultura Core is all about, creating the opportunities for people to take back control of their minds, their lives, their emotions, and their sense of emotional and mental wellbeing.

Further information

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