COVID-19, what next?

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed life for many people and some of you might be reevaluating what is really important in life. What changes are you seeking?


Now is not the time to be looking towards politicians. A global pandemic with so much suffering, so many people dead, and so many lives changed radically would have been an ideal opportunity for politicians to step up to the mark and implement beneficial changes. But instead they hid themselves away and showing their hand, showed us what really matters to them - corporate profit, protection of property, and ideology. Neither human life nor people's emotional or psychological wellbeing matters to them. Empathy is of no interest to them, so they can be disregarded completely. Our message here is very clear - politicians are not your friends.

So back to what is really important here - life

Okay so if you're reading these words you're alive and conscious, and this is the most important, because it's what makes everything else important. Please bear in mind that roughly 300,000 people die every day. You're not one of these people. But because 300,000 people or thereabouts have died, there's maybe 2 or 3 million people who are bereaved and who have lost someone close to them. So if the half a dozen or so people who really matter to you are still alive then everything is good, right?

So we check the time.


Okay so this is where it gets serious. You can see on the alarm clock that it's a quarter to seven. That is the time. But time is just an illusion. It's just numbers, figures. What is actually ticking away is your life. This is because your life is a finite amount of time and energy. These two things together represent life, which is your most precious resource. Money does have it's own importance, especially when you don't have much, but what makes money important is what value you give to it, and how much of your life you are selling in exchange for the money.

There's a lot of people out there who are already practising for the grave or going through life as if they've been raised from the dead. Don't be like one of those people. Death is super efficient. You don't need to practise it, or even think about it. You can waste your life, squander it, and even mess it up. You can't do any of these things when it comes to death. Everyone who has died has died successfully and efficiently. You haven't heard about someone who messed up their death, have you?

So how precious to you is your life?

This is something you might want to think about. Change appears to be inevitable however which way you look at the situation. There are so many different variables. The first is how we're going to recover from COVID-19 and the current pandemic. Then you have Brexit, the further rolling out of 5G technology, and the potential implementation of Social Credit with its points based system which ties civil liberties to your overall trustworthiness and willingness to cooperate with the authorities. It all depends on whether or not you see these potential changes as problems or possibilities.

The 'we' here is of course the royal we, the collective we, and is being used here figuratively. Please don't take it literally. If you find yourself in some kind of furlough situation which is temporary, semi-permanent or permanent, and you have spent your life in the missionary lifestyle of work sleep work sleep getting very little back to show for your effort and hard work, you might want to think about shifting the emphasis in your life more on what you really want to do or actually enjoy doing. You might have been shielding and have spent months in isolation. You might have been working on more creative activities and be on the look out for opportunities. You might be struggling and thinking "How the hell am I going to get through the month?" You might be feeling as if you're wading through the COVID-19 treacle and struggling to get stuff done or indeed achieve anything. You might be genuinely stuck in life.

What we are suggesting is that you take a good look around you and try to figure out something you enjoy doing which is going to be beneficial to you and other people based on your experience, aptitude and interests, and start making moves in that direction. Our emphasis as a community is not on achieving goals and objectives. We feel it's somewhat egotistical to decide on a mission or goal orientated purpose and by sticking to it religiously or ideologically bring yourself into conflict with other people - Brexit here is the prime example of what we are referring to here. Our emphasis is much more on the process, the evolution, the experimentation, exploration, the mistakes, the learning, the discoveries, the trying different stuff out to see what works and what doesn't. The trying stuff out for the fun of it and to see if it actually is fun or enjoyable.

You only get one shot at life - and this is it

Have you ever attended a funeral or cremation? If you have, can you remember what was being discussed about the person who died? Was it ever discussed how much money they made? Or what car they drove, or the value of their property? Or were the people at the service much more focussed on their personal experiences with that person or how they made them feel?

All those things which people discuss at funerals and cremations about the person who died is what is really important in the Qultura community - the empathy, the consciousness, the individual human experience, the creativity, the narratives, the journey through life, the successes and the failures. If you are alive, and know you are alive and can appreciate that you are alive, then surely it's in your interest to live as a fully fledged, fully conscious human being who is focussed on experiencing the pleasure, happiness, and enjoyment both for yourself and others, right?


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