How to create a new project

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This is a rough guide to the general principles involved in creating or developing a new Qultura project. The process is completely different to that for creating an appeal because Qultura projects are intended to be more egalitarian in nature. We welcome and encourage the development of new projects, even if they don't work out, simply because you are developing your creativity, and in developing your creativity you're also developing discipline, you're going through your process of individuation and also developing empathy - because you have to develop new ideas with other people, right? You're developing new culture and in developing new culture you're working towards achieving some sort of change in your local community.

Before you start being creative

Before you start to create any new project you need to be a member of the Qultura community, have participated in the projects of other people where they exist and ideally have changed your role from a participant to being part of Qultura Core, either through volunteering, through activism, or through some involvement in developing the Qultura community. Preferably this should have taken place both online and offline and you have a good basic working knowledge of the universal principles we base everything on, you have a good idea of our mission and objectives and you also have strong cultural awareness of your local community, or already have your own community of sorts with which you can develop your own ideas.

Developing community

The route towards developing your own projects is best served through seeking out, finding out people, making contact, developing connections and building up empathy and trust. You will need to have people you can trust who aren't going to let you down or get competitive and hopefully you will have found enough people within the community with which you share enough of a social bond to rely on mutual support, feedback and assistance.

Finding space

Finding space is much harder because many organizations keep access to space under tight control, many organizations also want money for access to space, sometimes at eye-watering rates, which is why developing community and getting together contacts comes before finding space and resources. But if you can find people and space you're halfway there and can start developing your ideas and trying stuff out.

Create the project

It's at this point - when you have community and space, that you can start to create a project and develop it from there. We leave it up to you to figure out what you want to do and how you want to go about it, because we assume that you have a better understanding of culture and cultural needs in your local community than we do. As long as your personal mission and what you want to do has some kind of connection to our global mission, you're sticking to your Consensus and the universal principles and no money is changing hands within our community then we're happy for you to do what you want and to be as creative and different, and unique and original as you like.

Please remember the general principles

Please remember the general principles when developing your project, volunteers to help you develop and manage the project, activists to help bring people into the project and reverse participants to help gather resources. You can create as many projects as you like and rely on the community for fallback and support and assistance.