Creative Law

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This is Creative Law developed by Stella Baker, founder of Qultura in November 2009. It was developed out of a theory of modern drama and it became Creative Law when it was discovered that drama is opposite to trauma and develops consciousness. What is written below explains the meme or illustration above, which contains the entirety of Creative Law.

What makes Creative Law so special is that, despite not telling us anything new, Creative Law encapsulates the core principle of creativity and interaction in both the cosmos and nature, as well as the polarity between drama and trauma in a very simple, clear meme.

However you have all the core principles in detail.

The core principles of existence

There are three core principles of existence:

Everything in existence is unique and individual and is never replicated to be the exact same as anything else in existence.
Everything in existence conforms to a binary set of characteristics to facilitate interaction
All change and motion is cyclical in nature

The Energy Spectrum

Energy exists in space and is defined by its wavelength, frequency and level of consciousness. This spectrum exists between drama (pure consciousness) and trauma (pure radiation).

The more traumatic the energy is, the shorter the wavelength, the higher the frequency and the lower the level of consciousness. The more dramatic the energy is the longer the wavelength, the lower the frequency, and the higher the level of consciousness.

The amount of energy in the universe is constant for energy cannot be created or destroyed. However space and consciousness are both expansive. The more space there is relative to energy the higher the frequency of energy and the lower the level of consciousness. The more consciousness there is relative to energy the lower the frequency of energy.

The mid-point of the energy spectrum is water, which is reflective of energy. Water defines the boundary between the animate and inanimate, and the difference between mass and matter.

Definition of creativity

Creativity can be defined as any interaction between two or more individual points in the universe which results in the development of consciousness.

The creative flow

Creative always flows from within an individual point in the universe and is expressed outwards. A seed planted in earth creates a tree. A tree grows and creates branches, twigs and leaves and may create fruit. A female hen creates an egg. The egg creates a chick. Creativity always flows outwards from the individual as a result of interaction.

What motivates human evolution?

Human creativity and social interaction is what motivates human evolution.

Creative Law and Taoism

This is video about the influence on Creative Law of Taoism.