Creative Law - the universal principle of creativity and interaction.

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This is the universal principle of creativity and interaction based on the Creative Cycle and the duality or polarity of drama and trauma. All trauma divides consciousness to create empty space, trauma being force. This is negated by drama, which connects consciousness out of space and trauma. Creative Law is based on three core principles of existence and the Energy Spectrum.

All existence is based on the interaction of consciousness and space. This is a simple relationship:

  • Consciousness is existence, which is also information.
  • Space is non-existence, which is also the environment for consciousness.

This means that consciousness is existence, and space is the reality which defines existence. The universe is the space which contains all the consciousness in existence. Both consciousness and space are infinite, which means that neither reality nor existence can ever become fully known, understood, or explained. Creative Law is just the principle of existence, and does not explain either existence or reality.

Unlike consciousness and space, energy is constant, cannot be created or destroyed.

The universe expands through consciousness and space passing through energy, which is a matter of:

  • energy wavelength
  • energy frequency
  • how energy relates to consciousness and space

This means that the higher the frequency of energy, the closer it is relative to space. The closer the relationship is between energy and space, the more traumatic and forceful energy becomes.

This also means that the lower the frequency of energy is, the closer it is relative to consciousness. The closer the relationship is between energy and consciousness, the more dramatic and less forceful energy becomes until it reaches Zero Point and there is harmony and equilibrium between energy and consciousness coexistent with space.

Trauma, which creates chaos out of separation, division and fragmentation, is the starting point for any process of creativity and interaction. Consciousness is developed in the universe through reduction of energy frequency to achieve harmony, balance and equilibrium.

As all consciousness and space passes through energy, there are just three core principles of existence. Everything in existence is:

  • individual
  • binary
  • cyclical

All living existence is based on an extremely close relationship between consciousness and energy based on extremely long wavelengths and extremely low frequencies of energy.

All biological evolution is the same cycles of creativity and interaction but on a completely different plane of consciousness which perceives the universe through a physical (biological form) from a specific and unique perspective of consciousness.

Just as trauma is the starting point of any process of creativity and interaction in the universe, death is the starting point for any process of creativity and interaction through living existence.

Trauma can only be negated through drama and the development of consciousness. Life is the dramatic response to the trauma of death.