Creative projects

Creative projects are projects which focus on the development of individual creativity and the development of creative or artistic content and output, developed either individually or together with other people in the community. Qultura Fringe is an example of a creative project because the focus is on the creative process working towards the possibility of coming up with creative content which can be shared with other people.

One of the key objectives of the Qultura community designed to promote and develop the use of empathy to change social and cultural attitudes in a local community is a commitment to churning out large amounts of subversive art, artistic content, and creative content. Being subversive essentially means being non-conformist and expressing your own individual truth and reality through any creative or artistic medium - be it art, drama, music, writing, poetry, blogging, photography, film, theatre, sculpture, and so on.

Community based creative projects

Community based creative projects are developed by Qultura volunteers and are designed to promote the development of individual creativity and development of discipline. Qultura Fringe, which relies heavily on the particpation of both professional actors and also wherever possible community participation through our specific 'mixed casting' techniques is the prime example of a creative project. However there is plenty of scope to develop similar creative projects through Qultura Community Resources such as photography, art, music, writing, poetry and so on.

Qultura Media

However you don't need to become a Qultura volunteer to create your own subversive art or creative content. You can do this as a member of the Qultura community and participant through the Community Message Board by simply creating or writing a post and indicating that your post is intended for Qultura Media as an article or blog post, poetry, narrative, or multimedia - song, and so on. We place your content in it's own webpage within the Media section of our website and this gives you a link which you can share elsewhere on social media or even within our social media groups to share your creativity and personal perspectives with the community and wider community. The content of the Qultura Media section of the website is intended to be generated by the Qultura community as a whole, irrespective of who you are and your role in the Qultura community.

This means that the Media section of our website is intended to support the Resources section, i.e. Qultura Community Resources which is why both this section of our website shares the exact same name as the Qultura community project of the same name which is developed in local community space. This is what makes Qultura a vitally important community resource in any existing local community and is what makes Qultura different from any other organization you can think of.