Cultural activism

Please don't mistake this for political activism. Politicians are not our friends and they're not your friends either.


Culture is the central human reference point for life experience. We don't see life in terms of consciousness, energy and space. We see life in terms of language, words, imagery and symbolism. The price of living in such large communities and societies is a commitment to developing empathy, cultural development and local community. Without that commitment culture goes into decline and we end up with authoritarianism, social fragmentation and if left unchecked this descends into fascism and eugenics where life is determined by your economic value to others and not by moral values.

Cultural activism is about subversion

Subversion is all about the outward expression of individual truth and the development of empathy between people in a community. This is not about tearing down the fake, arbitrary political or economic system because all economic and political systems are fake and arbitrary and will remain so until we have evolved as a species to live in complete alignment with our natural environment and the other species on the planet. The notion of a human centric universe or planet is a stupid idea, and more than anything is a symptom of human arrogance and egotism more than anything else.

Living your truth

What subversion means in the context of the Qultura community is about the outward expression of individual truth. It is all about you being you. It is about you talking your talk, walking your walk and actually living your truth within a community and seeking to live in a way which is beneficial to both yourself and others in the community. It is about seeking out and living that life where what you think and believe matches up with what you do in life and who you are as an individual human being. It is about actually being your individual principle and process.

Alignment with the universe and Nature

This is about being naturally human and living in alignment with Nature and the universe. When it comes to human creativity and human life experience Nature is the best possible model there is because you are equipped with a powerful mind with powers of memory and imagination unrivalled in the animal kingdom. You are also equipped with an equally powerful conscious perspective which gives you your sense of reality and truth. You are not marginalized in any way. You have the power to develop empathy and to connect with your environment but in order to be able to do this you need to make the effort to recover control of your mind, your emotions and your thinking processes from the often detrimental and toxic influences of our cultural reality.

About cultural activism
The harsh lessons of cultural decline

People throughout the West, but particularly in the UK and United States, are learning a harsh lesson of what happens when you don't make the effort to create new culture in your local community. You have close to 400 million people trying to climb on each other's shoulders, drag each other down, creating endless social divisions and trying to screw each other over. This is in two of the most affluent societies in the world. We won't go into how the US or UK became so affluent but we have more resources than many other parts of the world and an unparalleled access to technology. So why so much division, so much mental health issues - 30% of the population have mental health issues - and so many suicides?

Beware of your fake friends

Your fake friends are modern existing culture, ideology and service to the economy. All three distract you from your main purpose in life and that is to be happy, be yourself and experience a truly memorable, meaningful existence from the finite amount of energy and time which makes up your life. If you take a step back and pay attention to what is going on around you it's not hard to see that we have the resources available, the intelligence, the kindness, the love, the sense of community and the knowledge to create a kind of human paradise.

But all too often we are led by the least competent, the least noble, the self-serving, the miserable, the greedy, the materialistic, the ignorant, the stupid, and the afraid and we don't really work together to counteract this. Instead we sit back and accept it. We give in far too easily and settling for a quiet life all too often we let those in authority treat us like doormats.

The subversion of democracy

It's important not to be taken in by the illusion of democracy which exists today. This is not an argument against democracy, democracy is necessary and essential for the functioning of the community and society. Only we don't actually have a democracy right now because government and politics is controlled by a conglomerate of corporate special interests. The need for corporate profit always supercedes human social needs and ownership of property and financial assets is valued more than the value of Nature, environment and human life. This is not a level playing field.

Understanding the role of trauma

Trauma exists as the solitary dominating force in the universe and Nature and it exists for a reason - to motivate you towards creativity and interaction. If you take a look around you at what is happening in the world today, or even this country, you can easily tear your hair out with despair but it's important to understand that all this trauma and conflict amounts to something. The simple fact is that both Nature and the universe is ruled by chaos and politics is a failing attempt to control that chaos. This is why all political ideologies inevitably fail and we have reached the point where we need to choose between basing our society on technology and creativity with a much more cooperative model or we continue to submit to authority and end up with every aspect of our lives controlled by some hierarchy.

The need for new social and cultural values

One of the things which has emerged out of the recent COVID-19 pandemic is just how fragile human society and community actually is and just how very important is the human need for empathy and community. If we are to learn anything as people then surely it is that we need a lot more empathy in society, in our local communities, and we also need new social and cultural values which are based on a much higher level of consciousness. We cannot state what those social and cultural values are, because we have yet to discover them. This is why we are encouraging different people to get involved in the community and in seeking to explore, experiment, learn and discover about their own principle and process, learn more about what is possible and what can be achieved at a local community level.

Drawing a line under COVID-19
Shifting the emphasis back onto individual human experience

The Qultura system and method is specifically designed to develop new culture through a system of individual short term community projects. This is a new and innovative approach to cultural development in the local community because it is based almost entirely on the development of empathy and the development of local community. What is community if not a collective of individual people? Each and everyone in a community has a unique and individual conscious perspective on life. Each and everyone in a community has direct life experience. Each and everyone in a community knows how to do things or has knowledge and experience which is not shared by many others in the community.

COVID-19 is the best opportunity for change there is

If there is anything positive to come out of COVID-19 then surely it's the fact that achieving change has never been easier and it is important not to waste this opportunity by allowing those in power to force us back to the previous system. Never before has there been such opportunities for change in the local community and the opportunity to get involved in your local community and work with others to achieve some form of change beneficial to yourself and others. What we are suggesting is the creation and development of a large number of individual community projects.

Cultural activism is all about churning out large amounts of subversive art, culture, drama, music, and getting out there and being active in your local community. There's three broad categories of community projects.

Creative community projects focus on any aspect of creativity - art, photography, music, drama, theatre, film making, creative writing, poetry, blogging, and so on. In addition to our other projects which we are developing we are also developing a Community Blog and developing web publishing projects where you can share your perspective, truth and creativity with the community and wider world.

Social projects are projects which are more focussed on social interaction, such as our Human Library Projects and community library. We want to make it easier for you to be able to go out and do fun things and interact socially with other members of the community.

Community support projects are focussed on developing community support in the community so that nobody is left isolated, lonely, starving or destitute. Once we find enough volunteers we plan to create a new community drop in centre so people can reach out and find whatever support they need from others in the community.

It starts on the Message Board

Getting involved is simple. You simply hit the 'Join' button at the top of the page, join the network and register for an account on our Message Board. Being part of the Qultura community costs you nothing and you can get involved when you want, how you want, as often as you want.