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Cultural activities

Cultural activities are a great way of exploring and developing your own creativity while meeting other people and sharing your interests or indeed, your passions. Cultural activities can involve creative activities such as drama workshops, theatre, film making, photography, or simply going to vultural events, trips, walks, or even such things as book clubs, recipe exchanges, and other such activities.

Qultura is currently setting up Qultura Core in community space in Battersea and two of the cultural activities we have planned are drama workshops and street photography. We are open to developing other activities and are currently looking for people to get involved, both to develop projects, run them and also take part in projects and cultural activities.

All activities should involve other people and we require that all projects developed as cultural activities be open to and inclusive to people in the local community. We welcome ideas and suggestions for new activities and also people to take part in these activities. Our activities are usually free of charge to all participants.