Cultural decline

the root cause of social issues


Cultural decline is where as a result of predominant social and cultural beliefs, often based on a predominant ideology or belief system, there is a traummatic process affecting everyone in society which results from deprivation of opportunity and a deprivation of individual human experience.

Cultural decline leads to social fragmentation. This is because culture is asn aspect of language, something which is used by everyone within a nation, but it also influences not just communication and social interaction but also various social and cultural beliefs and has a much broader influence on how people perceive themselves and others and how they relate to each other. When there is a deprivation of opportunities and experience people can start to feel insecure and unsure about their lives and futures which can in turn lead to a belief in various ideologies and belief systems which can bring about social change.

However the more that the central issue, that of a deprivation of opportunity and individual humajn experience, fails to be addressed the more the traumatic process of social fragmentation continues. Things which cause social fragmentation include poverty, inequality, unemployment, and social divisions can result from competition between people for whatever opportunities and the chance of gaining experience exist. This can result in social stigma and the development of social hierarchies with some people seeking to dominate and control others to deny them access to opportunities. Hierarchies can develop based on various ideologies and divisions occur through a desire for access to economic, social and political power.

Unless the central issue of deprivation of opportunity and individual human experience is addressed social fragmentation and various social issues will continue to develop. This hass a significant impact on individual people and their lives, as deprivation of opportunity and individual human experience can result in a loss of personal autonomy, which often comes with a loss of control over one's life and the ability to change it. Cultural decline is a traumatic process with a process aspect which needs to be reversed by cultural development and the creation of opportunities for individual human experience.

There are no other solutions to cultural decline. If the process of cultural decline is not reversed through cultural development then theb two outcomes are either complete social collapse as a result of social disorder and chaos or totalitarianism brought about by a dominant ideology delivered through a hierarchy which imposes a social order or the uniform ideology on everyone. As we have seen from the Second World War this can result in oppression, abuses of human rights, mass extermination and genocide.

Many countries, among them English speaking countries are going through a period of cultural decline which has been brought about by the development of technology within a social structure dominated by a hierarchy with a central belief in an economic model based on neoliberal capiatlism and a global economy. This economic model promotes a belief in perpetual economic growth driven by corporate profit and fuelled by endless cycles of cunsumption and consumerism. The combination of these factors has led to a further exacerbation of the deprivation of opportunity and individual human experience and thus is driving not just various social and environmental issues but also advancing the traumatic process of cultural decline.

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