Why we reject modern culture

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From our perspective the human population of this planet is roughly 8 billion people trying to be happy through competing with one another, climbing on each other's back, denying each other of resources to life, plundering valuable natural resources for profit, killing each other, abusing each other and being largely indifferent to the misery, suffering and struggles of others.

Consistently we elect as leaders the incompetent, the divisive, the ignorant, the corrupt, the self-serving, the anti-social, the abusive and the psychotic.

Furthermore the nature and quality of your life is determined by your ability to connect to other people because this is often how you are given access to an opportunity in life.

Currently in the UK, off the top of our heads, there are close to half a million people with nowhere to live - we have more homeless people in the UK today than we lost in the Second World War. Half as many people have died or committed suicide in the benefits system. Approximately every two hours someone takes their own life, and for each person who commits suicide there are as many as thirty attempted suicides. Every two minutes there is an incident involving domestic violence. A quarter of our children are deprived. In one survey last year as many as half the adult respondents claim that they do not have a single person in their life who they can call a friend.

Human beings are not a lost cause

We refuse to accept that human beings are irredeemable. Many of us are capable of being compassionate, intelligent, warm, creative, loving, considerate, innovative, understanding and funny. We have a sense of community, and we have come so far in our evolution. There was a time when we all believed that the Earth was flat, that we were the centre of the universe. We once believed that we would suffocate and die if we travelled at speeds of more than 30 miles an hour. We once believed that a machine heavier than air could not fly. We are capable of change and living differently.

We also believe that it is possible for human beings to live in harmony with our environment and to be able to share access to resources with each other without any need for warfare, austerity, depopulation, if we only work together to change our social and cultural values and learn to start evolving as a species once again and living in harmony with our environment.

We have enough natural resources, technology, space, and knowledge to transform this planet into a global human paradise. The planet isn't the problem here, nor is our environment. This is a problem with our attitude to our environment and each other.

Much of this comes down to making better use of our ability to be creative and develop better social and cultural values through empathy.

We are not powerless. We can make better choices every single minute we are conscious, alive and breathing.

We have our reasons for rejecting current social and cultural values.

We have our reasons for taking the position we have adopted and which we will explain in the next few webpages in this section.