Culture is the key to our evolution

While energy, space and consciousness together are the basis for existence in the universe, from the human perspective the fundamental basis for existence is language. Humans are the last surviving members of the hominid branch of apes, and it's been around 320,000 years since humans began migrating to other parts of the world from Africa.

Language has been a fundamental part of human evolution and it is here, with our large forebrains and manual dexterity, not to mention our natural tendency to use tools, that we can understand the vital role culture plays in our evolution. Language is not just words which we use to communicate and verbalize our perception of our environment, it is also very much to do with culture and beliefs.

This is because naturally we are accustomed to living in larger complex communities and societies within which we enter into relationships and develop families in order to reproduce. It is the complexities of our social relationships which creates complexities in culture and unlike language, which can be shared between many different people, only on certain levels can culture be shared.

Language and belief

Culture and cultural awareness is what determines what is perceived of reality and truth, and what isn't. A hundred years ago, for example people who had high foreheads were believed to be criminals or possibly insane. Also a century ago you had to cover the legs of your tables and piano (which many people had in their homes)to prevent against sinful or immoral thoughts. But also over the past hundred years there have been so many different advances in sciences and it is the discovery of these truths which have enhanced both our culture and our lifestyles.

The pivotal role of culture

Indeed culture plays a central role in the human experience of life, both in collective terms as a species and also on an individual, personal level. This is because it lies between both aspects of existence itself, the reality of the universe and energy, space and consciousness, and truth, and also the other fundamental aspect of human life experience, which is based on language and cultural awareness, something which is closely connected to our survival instinct and ability to survive.

However on a personal level culture plays a vitally important role as does cultural awareness. It influences everything about you from your background, the type of clothes you wear, the language you use, how you use the language, what interests you develop, what beliefs you adopt and develop, what value judgments you make, and what prejudices you hold. Also, if it can influence both your language and thinking, and also your perception, it can also influence your emotions, feelings, moods, and behaviour.

However the major difference from reality is that culture can always be changed, whereas actual reality cannot.

The links to this page illustrate just how widespread the issue of presenting things as 'the truth', something which we have all accepted as fact at some point in our lives.

The point here is, unless you're prepared to work at increasing your cultural awareness and seeking the truth through cultural change, there's not a thing you can do about it.