Name of appeal


This is an example Qultura appeal

This is where you find the main information, in the words of the person creating the appeal, which explains why they created the appeal and what the appeal is about. The appeal could be created to generate support for a group of people, to help develop a new Qultura project, or it could come from an individual member of the Qultura community who needs community support to get through a traumatic experience or to overcome various barriers which are preventing them from living their lives.

These barriers which are holding them back could include:

  • practical barriers
  • financial barriers
  • social barriers
  • emotional barriers
  • psychological barriers

The links on the left 'About my appeal' go deeper into the appeal because this is all about getting support to address the deeper issues of various types of trauma so that whoever is going to benefit from the support for this appeal to be able to move past the trauma. It makes no difference if it's a group of people or an individual person. They need the support.

Perspective matters

Please also bear in mind that we, Qultura, reject totally the validity of social and cultural values based on individualism. We publish appeals from people who just don't have access to the support they need because they've never been given the opportunities, the support, the back up, or if they have they somehow just haven't got it together. These are all people who are sharing their individual and unique perspective on life.

That perspective matters and it matters because it is coming from the direct personal experience of the individual, and their felt sense of immediate experience of the trauma. This means that they're coming from a position of reality - their reality. Often in life it's not the bigger choices that matter, but the very small, seemingly insignificant choices we all make and which we think are not that important, but which turn out to have far more serious consequences than we envisaged. Furthermore these people can also be dealing with the consequences of the choices made by other people over which they had no influence or control. None of us can say how things could be different, or pass judgment, because we don't know, we weren't there, and besides we're not that person or living their life.

We have all been in that situation.


This is where additional multimedia could appeal, for example a video, in place of our theme song below.