yin yang

Dependent arising - also known as mutual arising - is based on what is known as the interdependent chain of mutual origin. Fundamentally what this means is that everything in the universe is interdependent on everything else, and also interconnected with everything else, and this is what defines the universe.

The fundamental nature of existence

You can only exist because the universe exists. You can only exist because planet Earth exists. You can only exist because other human beings exist. Human beings exist because Nature exists and other species exist. This interdependent chain of mutual origin - also known as the ground of being - is the fundamental basis of Natural Law. It is this ground of being or interdependent chain of mutual origin, which gives rise to dependent arising, is the penultimate mystical principle and the foundation of Natural Law.

Being able to see how everything in existence is interconnected with everything else is just as equally important as understanding how everything is interconnected through non-existence, through emptiness, through silences, and through absences.

This ability to see and understand how everything is interdependent and interconnected is known as polar thinking. Polar thinking is the ability to see how two seemingly mutually exclusive opposites are connected and one and the same thing.

Dependent arising is symbolized by the yin yang symbol developed by the Yin Yang School of the I-Ching over 3,000 years ago. Today the yin yang symbol is most commonly associated with Taoism and the Tao Te Ching developed by Chinese mystic and philosopher Lao Tzu in the 6th century BC. While the yin yang symbol is used in reference to Natural Law it is not associated with Qultura methodology which is based on Creative Law, a different interpretation of Natural Law.

As we go through Natural Law together you will become familiar with and aware of the different aspects of dependent arising and the interdependent chain of mutual origin.