Dependent arising - from duality to non-duality.

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Let's start with an image we've erm..*cough* 'lifted' from the Gestalt Institute which teaches Gestalt psychology. This is one of their newer images but it gives you three images from left to right, which you will see:

  • either the Rubin vase or two faces facing each other in profile
  • either a tree and some birds or a gorilla face to face with a lioness
  • either a silhouette of a man playing a saxophone or a woman's face

Now you can study and stare at each image for as long as you wish, but you will never ever be able to see both options together in any of the images. You will always see the image that the focus of your conscious attention most closely identifies with.

Conscious perspective (Principle)

We're doing this to show you how your conscious perspective or Principle, if you've read 'The Principle and the Process', works. If you're new to Qultura and this website this is where you're about to learn that your mind really isn't your mind. You're also about to learn that you have a conscious perspective through which you can develop consciousness out of space and do some really amazing things with, like make your life a whole lot easier and simpler.

Now going back to the example of the Gestalt images.. The image you see or create from each option above is selected through the focus of your conscious attention. However you perceive the other image as the background through your conscious awareness. You are aware that each image actually contains two images, right?

Let's examine these two aspects of your conscious perspective to see how they work together. Note that this is beneficial to being able to connect both cerebral hemispheres of your brain so that you can think with your whole brain and not, as many people do, with only one half of their brain. We will also contrast both with the universe.

The focus of your conscious attention is very narrow and limited. Using your focus of conscious attention you 'scan' everything in lines, from right to left, up and down, and this causes you to think in linear terms. This is why your education takes so long because you spend around 12 years or so literally scanning hundreds of miles of text.

This other thing about the focus of your conscious attention is that, probably like most people, your conscious thinking (based on the focus of your conscious attention) can only handle two or three variables at a time without training and practice. Think of a drummer, a pianist, an organist, or a juggler who needs to practise and train to focus on three or more different things at a time.

Your conscious awareness is the broader aspect of your conscious perspective. It's a lot more peripheral than the focus of your conscious attention and is essentially the interface between your focus of conscious attention and your subconscious and also between you and your immediate environment.

Developing a Qultura method is heavily dependent on developing your conscious awareness through developing your awareness of dependent arising and polar thinking.

In direct contrast to your focus of conscious attention and even your individual conscious perspective the universe is coming at you constantly in a multidimensional continuum of sensation and experience. This means that everything is happening everywhere all the time all around you infinitely.

The universe is all about constant cycles of creativity and interaction between all the consciousness, energy and space in existence in the present moment of time. What's more the universe is not expanding at a constant rate, but is expanding faster, and faster, and faster.

Please feel free to explain to us why you think you understand or know everything about existence or how you believe that there really is a God out there in reality.

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Understanding ignorance

Hopefully now you can understand that, relative to the universe and reality, ignorance is a state of mind and something which we all are as a fundamental characteristic of being human, or indeed any living being. When you were identifying which image you saw in the Gestalt images and seeing an image, you were also rejecting the other image and creating ignorance.

Similarly we give you the example from the image above of a woman playing the harp. It makes no sense to just run your fingers back and forth across the whole harp. This is not how you play a harp. You play a harp by plucking at strings to play notes and create music. But note each and every time the harpist chooses a string to pluck and plucks it, she also rejects all the other strings.

This is a universal principle. In developing your conscious perspective and learning new things, developing your consciousness, you are also creating ignorance and rejecting consciousness and information so that it remains beyond the focus of your conscious attention. This cannot be any other way. It's simply not possible to know everything that's out there.

Most people remain in denial of their ignorance, simply because they've been socially conditioned to believe that being ignorance is bad and makes you stupid. This is no different from being socially conditioned to believe that trauma is bad and something to be avoided. This is how we end up with many people clinging to their beliefs and ideology, repeating the same things and life experience over and over and over again, and so many people fighting over ideological beliefs as if it's the only possible reality. This is also why so many people go out of their way to make their lives so much more complicated than they need to be - all from the irrational fear of ignorance.

Why ignorance is a good thing

From your individual conscious perspective ignorance can be treated as space because if you're ignorant of something then you're either not aware of its existence or you are choosing to selectively ignore something and disregard it. This is nothing bad. If you're here to develop a Qultura method the whole point isn't to become more consciously aware so that you can claim to know more or become more aware than others.

The whole point of developing a Qultura method is to find your real self, your unique and individual 'vibe' and consciousness, so that you can live in harmony with others and your environment and reach the point where your life just flows.

If ignorance is space, and you can develop consciousness out of space, then surely ignorance is a good thing because it always presents you with opportunities to develop your consciousness and find your unique energetic frequency and 'vibe' and live in relative harmony with others and your environment.

Part of this is showing you how you are your environment, and the environment is you, and also that you are the universe and the universe is you. This is the section where you learn that you can find your own way out of the darkness of your ignorance into the shining light of your individual truth.