Deprivation of experience

an aspect of cultural decline and social fragmentation


One of the most persistent and enduring aspects of cultural decline and social exclusion is the deprivation of individual human experience which is linked to deprivation of opportunity because both are relative. The more people who can live on the basis of their individual human experience the more freedom exists in society and the more opportunities are created. It is because of this fact, and it is a fact, that we would have a structured and ordered society and a widespread sense of community.

It is the deprivation of opportunities and individual human experience which accounts for the vast majority of social issues and conflcits we see in society today, the poverty, the inequality, the social division and social stigma which results in the conflicts and dvisions.

It woudl appear that the existence of information technology together with authority in various hierarchies isn't leading to any problems, but is rather exacerbating the situation and causing further deprivation of opportunities and experience. Conflicts are becoming more and more abstract, the solutions are becoming more and more ideological, and as a result, ineffective.

This is because there is a much greater emphasis on belief and ideology rather than the value of human creativity and individual human experience. There are fewer and fewer opportunities for genuine human experience and whatever opportunities which exist seem to require some piece of paper or certificate from an institution or organization to show that you have been educated or trai8ned to think a certaib way. Not only the valuation of human experience has been lost, but also the recognition of human dignity, and the importance of discipline.

The combination of technology with authority through hierarchy is resulting in even more disorder, chaos, division and conflict. This is a traumatic outcome and is caused by not following universal law and adhering to the principles of existence through creativity and interaction. Authority cannot deliver a solution because it seeks to concentrate power, and any concentration of power goes against the way the universe works and will always result in conflict.

There is a process aspect to the current situation which, if it isn't reversed or halted will result in totalitarianism, or complete social collapse, or both. There is only one solution and that is to reverse the process aspect, and this requires the recovery of individual human experience and the scaling back of all organizational and authority structures.

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