• Supporting those affected by the misery of stigma and exclusion

Developing local community support

Our objective of developing networks, among them local community networks includes efforts to develop local community support networks. We have found that in developing local community networks different people within the community can come together and often come up with brilliant ideas and projects which draw in other people in the local community. This in turn helps to develop local communities which are stronger, more unified and much more inclusive. Generally what we do is work to develop local community support on two different levels.

On one level we seek to involve enough people to participate in the local community network to provide support through providing emotional support, advice, assistance and low levels of support such as furniture exchanges and pledges of unwanted items such as household goods and furniture which can be passed on to other people in the community who need such items but cannot afford to pay for them. This avoids the situation where people dump their unwanted items in the street.

Then on another level we seek to involve local businesses and local authorities to provide more material forms of support to people who need it, such as access to essential food items and clothing for people who have been left without an income or in extreme financial hardship or crisis either through donations or pledges of support.

In this way we develop local community support networks where people can participate and provide advice, support and assistance to others and working with local businesses and local authorities, as well as other local community organizations, work tod evelop a local community support system for the people who need it.