• Supporting those affected by the misery of stigma and exclusion

Developing networks

Much of Qultura's work is devoted to developing networks both online and in real time, face to face contact in local communities. We work to develop different networks, such as local community networks, local community support networks and an openly accessible social support network to provide different people with a publicly accessible means of meeting people which is relatively safe, reliable and accessible to everyone.

All of our networks are based on two main characteristics. Firstly they are developed in a way to be accessible, inclusive and empowering to everyone. This emans they are accessible to anyone who has a computer, smarrtphone or mobile device and as we develop an offline system of drop in centres in community spaces they will become increasing accessible to people without access to a computer or mobile device. Secondly they are all egalitarian in nature and are intended to be egalitarian in nature. This is so as to promote human creativity, individuality and diversity. It's by promoting these three things which enables social environments to develop where people can overcome both stigma and exclusion.

Both these issues are caused by the divisions which come from people developing hierarchies, power structure dynamics and conflicts over access to power, be it social, economic or political. For this reason we have3 chosen to move away from the more common social media networks such as Facebook, Twitter and Google which are all based on authoritarian and power dynamics. Both Google and Facebook use complex algorithms which individualize the user experience which we feel goes against the very reason the internet was developed, which was to provide an environment for education, the sharing of information, and for connecting to people. As a result we now base our social media platforms on open source alternatives.

Our alternative social media networks

MeWe is an open source alternative to Facebook which is without the algorithms, comemrcialization, advertising, nor the popularization of posts through likes and shares. You can still do these things and still use emojis on posts but there is little individualization of content and no data collection of the things you post.

Like MeWe, Minds.com is an alternative social media platform to Facebook and Youtube which offers which instead of a like and share system common to Facebook uses a points system which is based on participation and actviity. Also like MeWe Minds.com is open source and concerned with priacy and non commercialization.

Groupbox is an open source system for discussion groups which works in conjunction with email where you can create different gtroups for discussion, to share interests and to provide support.

Slack is a smartphone application for sharing information and content between users of mobile devices which allows for different content to be shared between people in a network.

Whatsapp is a smartophone application where users can access free calls, texts and video messages between users of other mobile devices.

Patreon is a network where you can gather patrons and get support and funding for your creative ideas and projects.