Developing projects



A Qultura project is any activity between two or more people which results in a connection and interaction which somehow is aligned with our mission and objectives. This means that the project empowers an individual, more than one person, or empowers individual human experience.

Qultura projects exist on different levels. The Qultura Core project in London is a project serving a local community. Qultura Fringe is another project. John Does poetry reading circle is another project. John Doe's poetry reading project came out of the Qultura Community Resource, another project, which came out of the Qultura Core project, another project. A project can contain another project, just as one project can be created to create other projects.

Some projects are appeals and have a clear charitable or community support objective. Feeding the homeless in Victoria. Saving a family from eviction. It's not a problem if you are your own beneficiary. John Doe created an appeal because he kept getting turned down for Personal Independence Payments and needed a new wheelchair. People rallied round and John now 'haz wheels'.

Who can develop a project?

If you want to develop a project you need to be a member of the Qultura community. Two people are needed to create a Qultura project:

A Qultura project
A Qultura project is created by a Qultura volunteer who involves a reverse participant if the project requires community space or resources.
A Qultura appeal
A Qultura appeal is created by a reverse participant and requires a volunteer to administer the appeal.

No two people can be previously known to each other from outside the Qultura community. This means no relatives, no family members, no friends.


We are currently unfunded so support appeals by publishing them and soliciting pledges of support. However we are in the process of seeking funding from a consortium involving the National Lottery and creative advertising agencies which if successful, will mean that we will be able to fund new projects and appeals.

To create a new project or appeal

If you wish to create a new project or appeal simply click on the link below and complete a simple form. This sets up a dialogue and you can give us more information about what you want to do through email. Please note you start with the same form for either a project or an appeal.

Create a new project