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Many people see themselves as individual entities, a mind and an ego encased in a body of skin, flesh and bone, entirely separate from their environment and from other people in society and even their communities. This gives rise to a sense of isolation, alienation, a feeling of being separate from everything else and as a result of this, a feeling of dis empowerment. Many people are aware of the many different issues taking place in the world today, in society, and even in their communities, but feel powerless and unable to do anything significant or meaningful about it.

The effects of cultural decline

Dis empowerment is an effect of cultural decline which many people experience in their lives as a result of the restriction and deprivation of opportunity. This is because most people today live in communities which are part of a society which is structured on the basis of authority in various hierarchies. This comes as a result of various dis empowerment strategies employed by people in authority and also by a widespread belief in external authority as a result of the social conditioning which many people experience. This restriction and deprivation of opportunities for people results directly in the loss and deprivation of individual human experience and in some cases a loss of control and autonomy over the course of one's life.

Cultural decline in Social Theory

The objective of control

Control is the objective of authority and every hierarchy, irrespective of whether it is government, a corporation or some other organization and this is something that we are generally conditioned socially to accept and embrace from our earliest experiences. However this is often what leads to a restriction and deprivation of opportunity, which can often further exacerbate cultural decline and result in a loss of individual human experience. In recent years there has been a noticeable shift in emphasis with more control being taken by various organizations - government, corporation and institutions - over an increasing number of social structures.

Enslavement through ideology

There are few, if any spheres of life where you can exercise your personal autonomy and achieve something in your life without the necessity of cooperating with or having to go through an organization of some sort. Opportunities and access to cultural development and freedom to explore and discover your personal creativity have all but disappeared and whatever opportunities which exist are ones granted by an organization or institution. This situation has come about as a result of those in authority and hierarchy making use of development in information technology to keep people dis empowered and developing a system by which you are forced to cooperate and conform to if you want anything or to achieve anything in your life. This has been achieved through the promotion of ideology and belief in external authority which explains why the emphasis in society and your ability to function in a society depends on beliefs and your conformity to the system, rather than any value of your individual and personal experience, knowledge and creativity.

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Loss of autonomy

There are many people who go through experiences in life where they run into conflict with the system - not so much through crime, but more in the case of experiencing a loss, such as a loss of employment, a loss of housing, a business failure or even the breakdown of a relationship - where they become even further dis empowered and effectively excluded from the system. This loss of social status, and the subsequent stigma which is attached to such loss is a key component of social stigma and is very difficult to recover from. What makes it so difficult is the loss of autonomy and the ability to provide one's solutions, find alternatives or even seek out and make use of other opportunities. There are many people in society who now understand that there's no value in the unwritten social contract and promises made by ideology and that if you don't fit exactly to the neat pigeonholes and categories the system provides you will remain further dis empowered, excluded and socially invisible.

Denial of individual human experience

There are many people today in society who are dis empowered, deprived of opportunity and denied their individual human experience. You can find these people everywhere. These are people who are homeless and living on the streets, they are the unemployed, they are the many people who devote their lives to working for an organization just to get enough money which they then have to pay to other organizations and corporations to pay bills and debts. These are also people who have become largely invisible, people who are struggling and recovering from mental illness, people with disabilities, people who are too sick to work, people who are struggling with addictions. However this is also a lot of people who are seemingly better off, who have nice cars, good jobs, they have money, social status, but they feel unfulfilled, dissatisfied, sometimes with the lingering thought at the back of their mind that they have been cheated. ,

Overcoming dis-empowerment

Overcoming any form of dis-empowerment yourself is extremely difficult or - in many cases - impossible. You do not have the awareneess, the resources, the knowledge and you often just don't have the energy and strength. There are four fundamental needs which have to be fulfilled if you have any chance of over-coming dis-empowerment.

The need for human empowerment and recovery of personal experience

There is a process aspect about cultural decline and social fragmentation in that the longer it is allowed to continue with nothing done about it, the longer it will continue. The simple fact that cultural decline exists together with social fragmentation and social issues is evidence of the fact that this is acceptable to those in authority and also that nobody in any position of authority has any interest in giving you a solution or saving you from the system as it exists today. The cultural decline and dis empowerment is a process which can only be resolved by reversing the process, which means empowering individual people and forming new communities to develop culture and achieve change through community participation, the sharing of ideas and experiences, and the creation of various projects through which individual people can become empowered and empower others.

The importance of trusting and believing in yourself

It is important to understand that change starts within the individual and that it is important to trust yourself and believe in yourself. This also requires the rejection of ideology and belief in external authority. Nobody in a position of authority or power over you wants to be your friend, what they want is control over you. This control is what keeps the system in place, and continues your dis empowerment. The rejection of ideology and external authority also involves a rejection of the various mind games and dis empowerment strategies such as the judging of yourself and others, the apportioning of blame and finding fault. None of this matters nor does it have any real significance other than to continue the dis empowerment. Instead it is essential to believe in yourself, to believe in the value of your own experience, your own abilities, your own perspectives and also to value your human dignity.

The importance of community

When you are dis empowered by others, more so by a system, it can be extremely difficult to overcome that dis empowerment on your own or independently. You do not have the resources. You do not have the knowledge. Often you do not have the experience or the insight to be able to define yourself and your experience in a way which doesn't lead to you being defined by other people. This is where you need to be part of a community which is accepting, supporting and empowering of who you are as an individual and a community which values your individuality, your experience and your perspectives. Being part of a community where you are empowered by others also necessitates that you also seek to empower others through the sharing of your experience, your support, your ideas and your involvement.

The cause of human evolution

Some people may have misgivings against going against the system, but it is the system which functions on the basis of cultural decline and dis empowerment of the human individual. But what is the system exactly, if not the economic system one in which people collectively neglect social and environmental issues within this human evolution. The cause of human evolution is advanced by social progress, and political enlightenment. The ending of slavery is a good thing, as is the abolition of capital punishment, public whippings and the granting of voting rights to women. All this came as a result of cultural development and individual people taking the initiative to step forward and work with others to bring about positive change. The development of technology only presents us with an opportunity to take the initiative and form communities to achieve something better. This doesn't need to be a bloody revolution, civil unrest or anything dramatic or historic. It can be something as simple as choosing to walk away from the system and find a community where you can take back your dignity,