The importance of discipline

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Everything today seems to be all about the quick fix. How can I get from A to B as quickly as possible? It's about the meme, the soundbite, the pitch, how does this relate to me?

But what effect does all this desire for instant information and knowledge have on the brain? Information, or the consciousness, that's just one aspect. What you also need to take into account is that everything which goes through your mind and your conscious thinking processes also has to be processed by your brain, which is semi-fluid, physical, biological and chemical. Wherever your mind wants to go your brain has to take your mind there. There's such a thing as neuroplasty. Your thinking shapes your brain. Reshaping your brain takes time. It comes through repetition, and patience, and learning, and making mistakes. Your thoughts are never complete. They are fragmented. You have to put together different thoughts to come up with a single concept. This is what burns up a lot of energy and your brain can burn up energy faster than any other part of your body.

This is why discipline is so vitally important in life. Discipline is commitment, it's a commitment to learning, it's a commitment to gathering information, to seeking out pleasure, happiness, fulfillment, satisfaction both for yourself and others. Discipline is what keeps you focussed, causes you to hold yourself up to a certain standard. Discipline is what we teach and what you can learn at Qultura, that's why there's so many webpages, so much information, so many words. We're not trying to 'teach' you anything, we're not running a school.

So many teachers out there are trying to sell you the hacks, the quick fixes, but what they're not teaching you is the discipline. They're not telling you that you have to put in the effort, work hard and go your own way. This is because they've never been taught discipline themselves but have just been taught the hacks and the quick fixes. Rinse and repeat a few times and you end up with a community or society where knowledge is superficial and useless and nobody really knows or understands how to really do anything.