Money doesn't guarantee you security or safety

Brexit is not going to be a solution and our economy is failing.


We have all got to face facts.

The current economic system is not sustainable. Crime, social division, hatred, these are all symptoms of anger which is being fuelled by further austerity politics. This is not going to go away but is going to keep on happening, repeating itself over and over again and rising as it does.

We have to make some hard choices.

There's only two possible outcomes at present to our current situation - civil unrest and social collapse, or extreme totalitarianism. Many people stand to die in the current situation if it continues. Many more people stand to lose everything they have worked so hard for in their lives - jobs, homes, property, possessions, health. Much of that what people stand to lose may never come back or be recovered.

There is no other organization like Qultura anywhere else

Qultura is the result of Stella Baker's pioneering research work into creativity and social exclusion lasting over 20 years, a decade of which has been spent in extensive research and development work on Qultura. This work has been unpaid, as Qultura was set up in the public interest and her theory and work is made publicly accessible here for the benefit of everyone. The development work of Qultura is now largely complete and it is now considered fully functional and in the process of becoming a registered charity.

We offer a reliable way forward.

What we have worked to develop is a theory, a website, a set of principles and a system which can lead to a new infrastructure of local community cultural development and support through our Reconnection program. The problems we face are so widespread and so great we believe that the solutions can only be worked out at local community level and by other people and organizations other than us. IOur role is simply to provide support and act as a resource, and to work with local authorities and other agencies wherever possible.

Please consider making a donation.

We are a very small organization involving a handful of people working from home together with Stella Baker, who works on very limited resources. Donations go directly meet essential expenses for community projects in Reconnection and to help those in local communities who are experiencing hardship and crises obtain essential items necessary for basic living.

Make a donation.

We really appreciate your support, no matter how small. It always makes a difference.