Empathy and sweetness

If you can understand the pleasure which comes from the experience of eating fruit then you can perhaps understand that sweetness is empathy.


Let's look into the psychology behind fruit because there is a kind of psychology there. We assume that you understand the pleasure which comes from eating fruit and experiencing the sweetness, because it is the sweetness which creates the sensation of pleasure. There are of course fruits which create a sensation of bitterness or sourness but the principle is the same - the end result is to connect that what is living to achieve pleasure. The tree wants to reproduce. Insects such as bees want to feed their young. We want to nourish ourselves and experience the pleasure from eating fruit.

This is what empathy is really all about - connections between that what is living to create sensations of pleasure. This is the fundamental principle of existence, common throughout the universe and Nature. Life is all about experiencing pleasure and giving pleasure to others. There are numerous examples. Sex. The way a cat will rub itself up against your legs or a dog places it's chin on your lap. Eating fruit. Social interaction.

This is how Nature works

Empathy is not an exclusively human trait, but is something which is common throughout Nature. This is no different to fear, which is also something which exists throughout Nature. Empathy and fear are polar opposites because they are what motivates the choices and actions of everything that is living. In both cases there is a connection, which can be an emotional connection, a psychological connection, or both. It doesn't matter whether we're talking about fear or empathy, we are still talking about a connection between two states of consciousness and two living beings.

This is not the Law of Attraction

There's a massive difference between thinking something is real and actually experiencing something which is real. Truth and belief are two completely different things so this is not about the so-called law of attraction or positive thinking, or imagining your reality. You can think or imagine a connection all you like, but if you don't make the effort to create the experience and the connection you will not experience the connection. Empathy is all about connections which are real, not fake. This is why we advocate taking off the societal mask you wear and disregarding your societal role or function, because neither of these things lead to empathy, which is developed through personal authenticity and being real. You cannot develop empathy while hiding behind a fake persona. Empathy is always real.

This is because empathy is natural. The apple tree does not need to be taught how to produce sweet apples. It does it naturally. Likewise the blackberry bush produces sweet blackberries naturally. The blackberries develop naturally with the stems, the leaves, the roots and the thorns. Bees do not have to be taught how to produce honey. It's something which they do naturally. It's only human beings who have this weird idea that empathy isn't fundamental to life or is a sign of weakness or who think life is much more to do with being mean to other people and abusive to their environment.

Empathy has got nothing to do with personal preference

Empathy doesn't come with an on/off switch. Empathy is not about who and what you like. Empathy is all about whether or not everyone and everything can connect to you. Have you developed yourself in such a way that everyone can connect to you in a way which is beneficial both to you and them?

Value judgments are forms of enslavement

You see when you make a value judgment or express a personal preference you distort your perception of reality. If you like somebody you will exaggerate them in your mind. Likewise if you dislike someone you will also exaggerate them in your mind. Exaggeration means that you are unable to perceive things as they are in reality. If you are unable to see things as they are or have a distorted perception, you cannot properly perceive reality and you won't be able to deal with life the way life needs to be handled. You also leave yourself wide open to manipulation and exploitation from other people who seek to control your mind and your thinking. Exaggeration distorts your perception in positive ways and negative ways, but it exaggerates. If you exaggerate things in your perception and your thinking you cannot develop empathy.

This is why we have no time for ideology, any form of thinking which is based on following an ideology, or any form of thinking which follows a pattern of beliefs or a belief system. All ideology and belief systems are an exaggeration. If you cannot think without needing to exaggerate things then the Qultura community perhaps isn't for you, and we suggest you join a political party or social movement instead.

Are you able to live in harmony with your environment?

Empathy is not about everyone liking you or being popular. Empathy is all about you being naturally you and living in harmony and cohesion with your environment. Are you able to live in harmony with your environment, with trees, with Nature, with other animals, and to live in a way in which other animals and even trees and plants can be comfortable around you? Please understand that trees, plants and animals are extremely sensitive to empathy. Dogs and cats don't need to have a conversation with you to figure you out and they will not hesitate to respond accordingly.


If you seek to connect to your environment in a way in which the environment also connects to you then you will experience life in a way where the flow of your life matches up with the way you want and need to experience life. Here we use the analogy of flowing downstream in a fast river. If you are living in tune with your environment and empathy then you're living in a way which can be compared to swimming downstream in a river, rather than trying to swim upstream against the flow or current, which is generally what life feels like when you're trying to live in conflict with your environment and without using empathy. You will find lots of people who will be trying to convince you that they have found ways of swimming easily upstream but they will generally be the ones who are unaware that despite their efforts they are being carried downstream with the current just the same as you are.

The less you are the more meaningful your life will be

There's two things you need to keep in mind here. There's a massive difference between the consciousness in the universe and human consciousness, i.e. the consciousness you create through perception and thinking. Human consciousness is a simulation of actual consciousness. Therefore the more you seek to control your environment and other people, the more you limit your perception to that of your conscious attention, and the more you bring yourself into conflict with your environment and other people. Furthermore the more you seek to control your environment and others, the more energy you waste through placing yourself constantly on the self-defensive.

Life already comes with an inevitable amount of trauma, pain, fear and suffering. There is no need to add to this by pursuing ideologies, habitual belief systems, constantly making value judgments and bringing yourself into conflict with others. Conflict is not inevitable, but exists because people pursue beliefs and make value judgments. Conflict exists because of the self-deceit which comes out of exaggeration. Conflict comes out of the things that people want, that people aspire to, things that they work for and strive to have in their life. This is what brings people into conflict with one another.

Their work, their property, their relationships, their body, their mind, their goals, missions, objectives and desires which bring such people into conflict with others and their environment. Misery is not inevitable, nor is it unavoidable. It's just that people make value judgments and divide everything into good and bad, right and wrong and create a massive psychological drama out of their lives. If you seek to live your life in such a way then nothing and nobody can help you.

But if you give up control and learn to let go, everything changes and empathy becomes possible. Empathy develops out of a source which generates confidence and develops trust, not one which generates fear and anxiety. If you turn to others and trust them and say "Show me what you can do." You may make a mistake, someone may let you down, but generally people will surprise you and amaze you. People will go out of their way for you and show you their best, not their worst.

The spiritual process

The spiritual process and developing consciousness is not about what you like and don't like, nor is it about what you believe and don't believe. It's all about developing empathy and being at one with your environment and the universe. It's about existing and living in a way in which the animals, the trees, the birds and the insects feel comfortable being around you. It's about being among people who also feel relaxed and comfortable around you and enjoy being in your company. It's about existing and living in a way in which you are connected to every single atom in the cosmos and everything flows both within you and all around you.

You don't have to be so connected to your environment and others. You have complete and total freedom. You can do whatever you want. Believe what you want. Think whatever you like. But don't get upset when nothing works out for you in a way which is real or meaningful. You may achieve something, you may become somebody, you may make lots of money, become wealthy and own lots of property. But nothing real or meaningful will happen in your life. You will just be going through your own imaginary belief cycles.

How do you know when you're connected?

You will know for sure when you are connected and when you are not. If you are sensitive enough to know, sensitive enough to actually become an empath, you will be sensitive enough to know whether you are connected or not. If you're not sensitive about these aspects and haven't bothered to develop empathy with your environment and others, you will not have the sensitivity to know. You were born with empathy. Rest assured that if you have developed empathy with others and are sensitive enough you will understand without anyone or anything else needing to teach you or explain this to you.

However you may still be on the level where such things as please be kind, please be compassionate, please be more understanding needs to be screamed or shouted at you or you need to be constantly reminded. You need to become in such a way that if you look at someone before they speak you know. However to be able to achieve even a basic level of empathy you need to have developed a certain sense of receptivity and responsiveness. Neither receptivity or responsiveness will happen if you're too full of yourself.

The less you are, the easier empathy becomes, the more you are, the harder it is to develop empathy. If you're too full of yourself nothing more important than your nonsense will happen in your life. If you get rid of your Ego and the concept of 'myself' then you don't need to do anything because the whole universe will play itself out through you. You will achieve equal creative potential with the universe and exercise divinity as an instrument of whatever Creator you believe in.

Otherwise, you will be just a bundle of thoughts, emotions, prejudices and bullshit.

This is the choice you, like everyone else, have in life

You can either exist here as part of the environment and universe, experiencing all that life makes possible for you, or to exist as someone on the basis of thoughts, beliefs, prejudices and ideological bullshit that you have gathered in life.

Not all fruit is sweet, some fruits are sour or bitter. The exact same principle applies to human beings.


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