About empathy

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If you're unsure about just how important empathy is in life, we suggest you think about how you feel about having lost someone who was very close to you in life. Empathy is the most important life skill you could ever learn or develop. This is because empathy is all about your ability to connect and communicate with other people - and other living beings - and not only to be able to see things from their perspective but also be able to communicate so others can understand where you are coming from.

This is of paramount importance because whether you like it or not your life is really all about other people and your survival in life is heavily dependent on your ability to connect to others.

Furthermore the nature and quality of your life is determined by your ability to connect to other people because this is often how you are given access to an opportunity in life.

Something for you to think about

Empathy is something which 98% of the human population can develop naturally, but empathy is not something which is exclusively human. Like creativity and the ability to respond to environmental changes empathy is the ability to connect and is something which is shared by anything which is considered living. There are around three trillion trees on this planet, all of which live in communities, use language and rely on empathy for their survival. If you own a pet such as a cat or a dog you also use empathy to share a symbiotic relationship and this is evidenced by the way a cat or dog can show you affection and can empathize with your feelings and emotions.

Empathy is therefore not just a survival skill, it is also fundamental to your perception of your environment, of consciousness, and of truth and reality. Together with creativity empathy is essentially all about autonomy in life.

How do you develop empathy?

You develop empathy through what is known as saviour vivre, or the knowledge of how to live, which is essentially working to expand on and develop your ability to perceive consciousness. This requires the development of creativity through discipline and the development of morality and a moral compass through social interaction, seeking truth, learning about choices and connecting to others through community.

You also develop empathy through developing your cultural awareness. This is because the basis of living existence from the human perspective isn't just about energy, consciousness and space, it is also very much about culture and cultural awareness, and about language - because culture is an important aspect of language, words, imagery and beliefs. Indeed culture and cultural awareness is central to the human experience and perception of life.

Something for you to think about

If empathy is so vitally important to life and the ability to live, then why is this not common knowledge and something which is taught to everyone at school?