Energy and the brain

The two hemispheres of the brain process energy in different ways


This part of the Theory is not designed to provide you with any detailed or deep understanding of the working of the human brain which is incredibly detailed, complex requiring years of medical and scientific study and should not be taken as a detailed description of how the brain works.

That saying given the fact that conscious thinking concerns 4% or less of the brain's overall activity pertaining to the surface of the cerebral hemispheres and is tied to both universal law and autonomic life processes this is the result of years of research suggesting how energy and consciousness relate to our conscious thinking processes and how it could also possibly relate to the greater degree of brain activity and autonomic life processes.

All information is actually energy in different forms and thinking is the process of reducing energy frequency by processing that information. Senses are designed to detect, perceive energy in different forms and evaluate the energy frequency. Sight for example, perceives light energy, working with the right cerebral hemisphere of the brain much in the same way as your hearing perceives audio or sound energy within a certain frequency range. Senses also differentiate between different energetic states, for example touch differentiates between energy and physical mass and matter (which is actually energy but in a much more inert state). Even taste and smell can differentiate between different energy states. Your sense of smell, for example, can tell when the energy within a piece of meat or in milk is of a higher frequency, and either the meat or milk is off, and you should not consume it. Your senses provide you with sensory input, which all goes to the brain as energy or information to be processed.

The brain is an organ specifically developed to process energy in different states and at different frequency levels within your individual range of perception and levels of consciousness. Your level of consciousness is not in your head but in the atmosphere all around you, which is why other people can sometimes 'read your mind'. They can't. It's just that you are constantly giving off visual and audio cues related to your thinking and emotions all around you which they can pick up on and interpret accurately. These cues include the way you move, your facial expression, body language, posture, the way you speak, the words you use, so many other different cues which you give off constantly.

The brain is divided into two hemispheres specifically to promote interaction and facilitate mirroring. These two hemispheres behave differently and process energy and information in different ways. This is rather like a computer with two different processors, a serial processor and a parallel processor. This is what serves to take in energy in different frequencies from the atmosphere around you and process it in a way so as to change or reduce the frequency of the energy and project it back out into the atmosphere. This is done constantly in different ways and collectively human beings throughout the world are a major influence on energetic frequencies in atmospheric energy.