Environmental ignorance

the illusion that Self is the focus of the environment.

Environmental ignorance results from a lack of cultural awareness and social responsibility - which is not part of general education nor is it something which is promoted in today's society - which results in the illusion of Self being separate from others and being the focus of one's physical environment. Part of this issue is ecological blindness which many people seem to suffer from today.

On being the focus of the environment

There is a common and prevalent notion that we are the focus of our physical environment and we can do as we please to change it. We can buy up land and make it over as we please bringing in bulldozers and pesticides and transforming it to suit our commercial or personal preferences. But then we discover to our consternation and amazement that we have upset all sorts of balances.

Examples of environmental ignorance

For example someone builds a house on a hillside creating a flat space for the foundation suddenly slides down the hillside in a rainstorm because that someone took away all the shrubbery that was binding the hill together.

The property developer buys an industrial estate and decides to develop on it by building a block of luxury apartments. The businesses are evicted from the industrial estate so businesses have to relocate and if they cannot move with their jobs people lose employment and have to look for work elsewhere.

A further example is one of urban regenration where you have several property developments all taking place in the same area at the same time. Not only industrial estates are replaced but also local amenities, public spaces and services, local libraries, community centres, creating an economic blackspot for residents in that community who are deprived of local employment opportunities, access to public services, and also have to put up with the inconvenience and noise from various building sites, noisem, air pollution, increased traffic, diversions, diversions of public transport and sudden, unexpected closures of streets and public thoroughfares.

Fear of overcoming the illusion

Nobody ever seems to learn. This iks part of the challenge of overcoming the illusion of separateness. people are afraid of overocming this illusion because they think it's related to communism or socialism. The great thing about so called Western civilization is its emphasis on individuality personality and its value. We have created the ideals of personal integrity and self-sufficiency based on the belief that the most important thing in the world is the individual. All collectivities, such as corporations, the State, governments, and so on exist as servants of the individual. If they get in the way of the individual or interfere with someone's enterprise it's a bad thing. From this perspective the human individual is the crown of creation at this point.

Distinction of individualism from Qultura's concept of individuality

Therefore when you suggest that the individual humam being is not what is generally perceived as an individual but is in some way united with and grounded in the totality the rugged individualist mixes up their vocabulary and calls the totality the collective. The collective and the totality are two completely different things as we explain in the webpage 'Collectvisim v. individualism'. Qultura as an organization does not promote individualism but the concept that the individual human being is the starting point for any social or cultural change and a reflection of human evolution. We have overcome the illusion of separateness, because overcoming this illusion is a necessary part of understanding how individual humans relate to the totality and how they can empower themselves.

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