Equal members of a species

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This could just as easily be the face of our planet as it could be of so many women out there in the world today. At some point the abuse has got to stop be it physical abuse, emotional abuse or psychological abuse - towards the planet, towards each other and towards other species on the planet. There needs to be recovery post-COVID-19 lockdown and a fundamental part of this recovery is for women, all women, to reclaim the Sacred Feminine Principle at the core of their being and retake their rightful place as equal members of the human species and the core of the local community. All part of our commitment to total inclusivity.

The importance of women in the Qultura community

In four years time the planet Pluto enters the astrological sign of Aquarius for the first time. This is the so called Age of Aquarius. Today's children are going to become adults during this age, the Age of Aquarius and many young children are displaying the higher levels of consciousness which is going to be necessary to achieve the level of civilization in society so as to be able to use the digital technology we have responsibly for a better planet.

You no longer need to be public property

The treatment of women as physical objects which are public property born to be exchanged between families as chattels for the purposes of procreation, domestic and sexual servitude to men has been part of human culture since the 12th century and while it's started to become history around half a century ago in some cultures it is far from being part of global human culture and even today women are traded as objects and trafficked into slavery and sexual abuse, female genital mutilation is still a reality in many cultures in the world and we still have a long way to go for women throughout the planet to be perceived as equal members of a species.

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The need for greater female solidarity

The slow progress towards real gender equality is down to the oppression women in particular are subjected to as a result of the widespread human obsession with body parts, physical bodies and gender identity. This is a serious personality disorder which is specific to human beings and no other species in the animal kingdom treats the female of its species as sex objects, abuses them or exploits them quite in the same way as the human species. It's a curious aspect of nature that the animals we consider as less intelligent and less civilized than humans are streets ahead of human beings when it comes to gender equality. This is all part of the widespread mental disconnect human beings share where they are comfortable seeing themselves as being completely divorced from both nature and the environment.

Greater female solidarity isn't just a matter between women of different skin colours or gender identities it is also very much a matter between women of different nationalities and economic or income levels. There's no point in regarding yourself as a liberated woman if you keep a younger woman at home in domestic enslavement as a so called nanny or au pair or you need the cooperation of between 20 and 60 female slaves to work in sweatshops or even down mines in other countries of the world just so you can have the designer labels fashionable clothing and latest smartphone.

There's also not that much point in seeing yourself as a liberated woman if you wear a uniform and separate through force migrant women from their children just for a paycheck or you sit in an office in the UK and work full time depriving women with disabilities and mental health issues access to disability support and Personal Independence Payments as part of a full time job. This is hardly gender equality or female solidarity, is it?

About Qultura

Qultura is an empathy based community being developed to form a powerful, effective counter to human ignorance through the development of empathy, community, human individuality, creativity, diversity and the development of individual human experience, perspectives and consciousness. It is the first and possibly the only such community in the UK.

Participation in the Qultura community is completely free of charge to everyone and is a fully inclusive community open to everyone irrespective of location, background, circumstances. All you need is an internet connection, an open mind and a desire for personal, social and cultural change.