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About Qultura events

Please note that Qultura events are designed to promote the coming together of people to connect to one another, get to know one another, interact socially, and make use of opportunities to develop and use empathy. Our focus is on people and on connecting people. Our events are not designed to be protests, cause disruption, marches, wave placards or shake our fists at people in power. The Government can go and jump off a cliff for all we care. Our focus is 100% on people and also - more importantly - showing solidarity with the disempowered, the disenfranchized, the marginalized and excluded.

Therefore please don't expect any of these events to involve speakers or people telling you what to think and believe. You are not an imbecile. You have a mind of your own and your perspective is just as good as anyone else's. Therefore if you do come and attend one of our events we expect you to participate and not only interact socially and get to know other people who are attending but also let other people get to know you. Share your perspective with others.

Our events are designed to dissolve boundaries and divisions, not maintain existing ones or create new ones. If you want to get involved and help us with developing our events and projects please feel free to get involved below.

Get involved

To get involved with any event we're asking people to join the Qultura Core community which you can do by simply completing the form below. This is a special combined form where you get to join both the Qultura community and the Qultura Core project and we give you the option of choosing one of three roles. In all cases you consent to joining our centralized mailing list to be informed of all updates, news, and opportunities by email.

Desired role

This requires you to choose one of the three available roles.

Participant here just means a participant in the Qultura Core community. This is the plain vanilla option where you are not involved in the development of the Qultura Core community. You turn up, take part in an event and project and then go back to doing your own thing.

You can of course change your mind at any time and become either a Qultura volunteer or activist, or if you receive an email of an event or project or something you're interested in and want to help develop. Or you have an idea of your own that you wish to try out and start your own project. You will just need to complete another form to become a volunteer or activist. You can find this form in 'Our Community' section.

Become a volunteer or activist.

You can also choose to become a Qultura volunteer. Volunteer as and when you have the time, the energy and resources. A Qultura volunteer helps develop the community by helping to develop, organize, coordinate and create new projects.

You can also choose to become a Qultura activist. Again you do your Qultura activism as and when you have the time, the energy and so on. A Qultura activist helps develop the Qultura community by bringing people into the community. You do this by connecting to as many different people as possible using empathy.

Please note you can also join our Community Message Board and find us on social media and link up with us there. Information about all this can be found on the links on the left.

Join the Qultura Core community