Fear motivation

Used extensively through Nature fear motivation is also used as a means of social control


Fear is an emotion which comes from a perceived threat. Fear energy is traumatic energy, higher in frequency, shorter in wavelength. and creates stress, tension and conflict. Fear energy can be transmitted by any form of expression, through imagery and perception, through behaviour and also through words. This is because beliefs are based on language and words, words have meanings, context and connotation. One person can spread fear energy among many people from a platform or through media, just as an event can create fear energy, such as a terrorist attack.

Fear motivation in Nature

Fear motivation is often used in Nature as a defence mechanism as we can see above in the picture of a king cobra in typical threat display with head and part of its body raised off the ground and the hood extended. This is done to prevent an approach or an attack and provides a warning of an imminent. That whatever the cobra encounters moves away, believing that the snake will strike. If this doesn't happen the cobra will strike, or make a false strike to create further fear.

Fear motivation as a means of social control

Fear motivation is present in every stage of social conditioning. It is used extensively in the education system to reinforce and enforce conformity, throughout the legal and criminal justice system, politicians can make use of it to gather support and votes, religion exploits the fear of death and what may happen after death, and it is used extensively by the media and broadcasting.

Fear motivation in the media

Fear motivation is used by the media and in broadcasting to generate fear. However most publishers of women'smagazines, particularly glossy magazines, could give master classes in fear motivation for the way they stigmatize women over their appearance and lifestyles and then play on their fears of rejection and perceived inferiority to sell anything from cosmetics and beauty products to clothes, shoes and accessories.

Fear motivation in the benefits system

Fear motivation is used extensively through the benefits system to coerce society's most vulnerable and poorest into insecure, low paid employment working for corporations as a form of cheap or even free labour. The threat is usually a loss of income or entitlement to benefits.