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Mindfulness is also known as 'discipline of faculty' or discipline for short. Therefore in order to achieve mindfulness in any way which is significant or meaningful you're going to have to find a way of developing a discipline as a means of expressing your individuality asnd you're going to need to become subversive (what subversion means is defined on the right or below).

It is for this reason that Qultura methodology is a complete methodology and not a universal method which can be followed by everyone. Qultura is all about the empowerment of individual life experience or individual human experience. There are things you know better than most other people. There are things you have experienced first hand or witnessed. There are things you know how to do better than most other people. There is insight you can share which is going to be beneficial to most other people. All these things can be somehow put together to create a discipline of some sort.

It is on the basis of this discipline that you're going to base any Qultura method you develop. You might be creative, or you might not be so creative, you might be more empathic and supportive and compassionate, which is also fine. Or you might just be interested in meeting people, getting to know them and doing not much more than sitting round talking, drinking cups of tea and coffee, and generally socializing, which is also just as good as being creative and supportive. The bottom line here is a commitment to sharing your individual insight and experience through talking about yourself and sharing your unique and individual experience with others in the community (the Qultura community).

Unmind is based on Primary Social Interaction, which is the fourth universal principle in the second component of Qultura methodology. You can try to develop a Qultura method outside the Qultura community but best of luck trying to find opportunities for primary social interaction out in the wider community. It is for this reason that the Qultura community exists as a freely accessible social environment through which you can quickly and easily develop a Qultura method. Qultura methods are developed through community to take into account synergy and synchronicity (defined on the right or below depending on your device).


Criteria for any Qultura method

How you develop a Qultura method is entirely up to you. There is no right way or wrong way of developing a Qultura method, simply because you're developing a Qultura method on the basis of your own unique life experience and perspective on life through subversion and you are encouraged to explore, experiment, learn and discover and figure out what's good for you and gets you back into being mindful.

The role of the Qultura community is simply to give you access to akashic power and a Figure of Eight (symbolized by Strength above, the Tarot card associated with Eight, which symbolizes akashic power). The community is nothing more than a freely accessible social environment through which you can develop a Qultura method.

Any Qultura method you develop needs to be based on an awareness of the first eight mystical principles of Combined Numerology, which are:

  • Zero (0) - space and non-existence
  • One (1) - consciousness and existence
  • Two (2) - duality and polarity
  • Three (3) - biological evolution and natural growth
  • Four (4) - cardinal direction and flow
  • Five (5) - creativity, drama and authority
  • Six (6) - the Sacred Masculine Principle
  • Seven (7) - the Sacred Feminine Principle

Essentially what this means is that you're coming into the community to share insight with other people in the community and to access insight from other people which is going to be beneficial to you and to 'centre' you, bring you back into a state of mindfulness.

This is the whole point of participation in the community, and that is to centre you and ground you in your natural mindfulness. It is participation in the community without any desire, purpose or objective which completes the Figure of Eight.